GemRB 0.2.4 released

Hi all,
new version of GemRB is out. (Actually, this "news" is over a week old :-)).

We reached a new milestone which brings you numerous internal and visible improvements.
To see the long list of updates, read on...

New features:
- Store dialogs (Temple, Inn, Container, Tavern, Store)
- Fog of war with line of sight
- Doors block path and line of sight
- Window frames at higher resolutions
- Animated buttons (PST portraits, Donation window)
- Store opens when appropriate
- Containers

Improved features:
- Fixed dialogs
- new GUIScript functions with documentation
- Fog of war/door/store related gamescript actions
- fixed object distance and area variable handling in gamescript
- other new gamescript actions/triggers
- Implemented PCs fidget animations

- Introduction to writing GUIScript scripts

Please note that we don't provide Linux binary for this release. If you need it, write us :-)

Posted by Jarda Benkovsky 2005-06-06

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