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+IELister V1.0
+This is an Infinity Engine filetype lister plugin written for TotalCmd (5.5 or higher).
+It currently lists item, spell, store, creature, user interface, effect, videocell,
+area, dialog, game and projectile files of all Infinity Engine variations.
+To install, copy the .wlx into your totalcmd directory.
+Modify your wincmd.ini (in the windows dir) by adding these lines
+If you already have other lister plugins, just add a new entry.
+Modify the path to your totalcmd path, of course.
+If you have TC 6.0 or higher, you can add the lister plugin
+by configuration/options/ls-plugins.
+In this case you might want to remove the detection string when you upgrade this plugin.
+IELISTER also works with Midnight Commander, you have to compile it as a unix executable. Add it to your command path and add these lines to your bindings file:
+#listing creatures
+        View=%view{ascii} ielister %f
+Allowed extensions: .itm, .spl, .cre, .sto, .are, .chu, .eff, .vvc, .pro, .dlg, .chr, .gam, .wed, .wmp