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#!/usr/bin/env python
# iesh / - Simple shell for Infinity Engine-based game files
# Copyright (C) 2004-2009 by Jaroslav Benkovsky, <>
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
# modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
# as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
# of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
# Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307, USA.

from optparse import OptionParser, TitledHelpFormatter
import os
import os.path
import sys

from infinity import core, stream
from infinity.formats import *

usage = "%prog {-c,-x,-l} [options] ARCHIVEFILE [FILE ...]"

description = """
Create, extract and list contents of Infinity Engine archive files.

Infinity Engine is the engine used in Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment 
role playing games. This utility allows you to work with its' archive files similar to
zip or rar archives.

At the moment, the only supported IE archive format is SAV.

# What to do if target file already exists. Might be one of "ask", "skip", "overwrite"
overwrite_mode = 'ask'

# How to convert names of extracted files. Might be either None, "upper" or "lower"
convert_case = None

# If True, ignore filename case when specifying list of files to extract
ignore_case = False

# If True, do not print list of files extracted or archived. Error messages will be printed o sderr instead
quiet = False

def ask_user_replace (fname):
    """Ask user what to do if a file to be written already exists. 
    Return either 'overwrite', 'skip' or 'rename:newname'."""

    global overwrite_mode
    if overwrite_mode != 'ask':
        return overwrite_mode
    while True:
        sys.stderr.write ('replace %s? [y]es, [n]o, [A]ll, [N]one, [r]ename: ' %fname)
        res = raw_input ()
        if res == 'y':
            return 'overwrite'
        elif res == 'A':
            overwrite_mode = 'overwrite'
            return overwrite_mode
        elif res == 'n':
            return 'skip'
        elif res == 'N':
            overwrite_mode = 'skip'
            return overwrite_mode
        elif res == 'r':
            new_name = ''
            while not new_name:
                sys.stderr.write ('new name: ')
                new_name = raw_input ().strip ()
            return 'rename:' + new_name            

def extract_archive (stream, fmt, files):
    """Extract contents of an archive FMT from STREAM into the current directory.
    If FILES are not empty, extract only named files. """
    if ignore_case:
        files = [ f.upper () for f in files ]

    for file in fmt.file_list:
        fname = os.path.basename (file['filename'])
        if files and (fname, fname.upper ())[ignore_case]  not in files:
        if convert_case == 'upper':
            fname = fname.upper ()
        elif convert_case == 'lower':
            fname = fname.lower ()
        res = ''
        while os.path.lexists (fname):
            res = ask_user_replace (fname)
            if res == 'overwrite':
            elif res == 'skip':
            elif res.startswith ('rename:'):
                fname = res.split (':', 1)[1]

        if res == 'skip':
            if not quiet: print 'Skipping', fname
        if not quiet: print 'Extracting', fname, ' ',
            data = fmt.get_file_data (stream, file)
            fh = open (fname, 'wb')
            fh.write (data)
            fh.close ()
            if not quiet: print 'ok'
        except Exception, e:
            if not quiet: print 'ERROR', e
            else: print >>sys.stderr, e
            if file.has_key (data):
                del (file['data']) # release the memory

def create_archive (stream, fmt, srcfiles):
    """Create a new archive with specified FMT and STREAM and add named FILES to it."""
    # FIXME: ugly, because it loads all data to memory at once
    for file in srcfiles:
        print 'Adding:',file,
        fh = open (file, 'rb')
        data = ()
        fh.close ()
        fmt.append_file (file, data)
        print "  (%d%%)" %(100.0 * fmt.file_list[-1]['compressed_size'] / fmt.file_list[-1]['uncompressed_size'] )

    fmt.write (stream)

def list_archive (stream, fmt):
    """List contents of an archive."""
    size = 0
    cnt = len (fmt.file_list)
    print '    Size   Stored    Name'
    print '  ------   ------    ----'
    for file in fmt.file_list:
        print "%8d %8d    %s" %(file['uncompressed_size'], file['compressed_size'], file['filename'])
        size += file['uncompressed_size']
    print '  ------             ----'
    print '%8d             %d file(s)' %(size, cnt)

class MyOptionParser (OptionParser):
    """Option parser with a slightly more sane help"""

    def format_help(self, formatter=None):
        """Print help with description at the end, not in the middle."""
        if formatter is None:
            formatter = self.formatter
        result = []
        if self.usage:
            result.append(self.get_usage() + "\n")
        if self.description:
            result.append(self.format_description(formatter) + "\n")
        return "".join(result)

# main

def parse_options ():
    """Parse program options"""
    global convert_case, ignore_case, overwrite_mode, quiet
    name = os.path.basename (sys.argv[0])
    if name == 'ieunzip':
        command = 'extract'
        command = None

    #parser = MyOptionParser (usage=usage, description=description, formatter=TitledHelpFormatter ())
    parser = MyOptionParser (usage=usage, description=description)
    parser.set_defaults (command=command, ignore_case=ignore_case, convert_case=convert_case, overwrite_mode=overwrite_mode, quiet=quiet)
    parser.add_option ("-c", "--create",
                      action="store_const", const='create', dest='command',
                      help="create a new ARCHIVE from specified FILEs")
    parser.add_option ("-x", "--extract",
                      action="store_const", const='extract', dest='command',
                      help="extract all or specified FILEs from the ARCHIVE")
    parser.add_option ("-l", "--list",
                      action="store_const", const='list', dest='command',
                      help="list contents of the ARCHIVE")
    parser.add_option ("-i", "--ignore-case", 
                      action="store_true", dest='ignore_case',
                      help="ignore case when specifying files to extract")
    parser.add_option ("-w", "--lower", 
                      action="store_const", const='lower', dest='convert_case',
                      help="lowercase extracted files")
    parser.add_option ("-u", "--upper", 
                      action="store_const", const='upper', dest='convert_case',
                      help="uppercase extracted files")
    parser.add_option ("-y", "--yes", 
                      action="store_const", const='overwrite', dest='overwrite_mode',
                      help="always overwrite existing files")
    parser.add_option ("-n", "--no", 
                      action="store_const", const='skip', dest='overwrite_mode',
                      help="never overwrite existing files")
    parser.add_option ("-o", "--option", 
                      action="append", dest="optlist", default=[],
                      help="set Infinity module's option", metavar="OPTION")
    parser.add_option ("-v", "--verbose",
                      action="store_true", dest="verbose", default=False,
                      help="print debug output")
    parser.add_option ("-q", "--quiet",
                      action="store_true", dest="quiet",
                      help="don't print progress messages")
    (options, args) = parser.parse_args ()
    if options.command is None:
        parser.error ("You have to specify either --create, --extract or --list !")
    if not args:
        parser.error ("You have to specify archive file")

    convert_case = options.convert_case
    ignore_case = options.ignore_case
    overwrite_mode = options.overwrite_mode
    quiet = options.quiet
    if options.verbose:
        core.set_option ('format.print_offset', True) 
        core.set_option ('format.print_size', True) 
        core.set_option ('format.print_type', True) 
        core.set_option ('format.mos.print_tiles', True) 
        core.set_option ('format.mos.print_palettes', True)
        core.set_option ('format.tis.print_tiles', True)
        core.set_option ('format.tis.print_palettes', True)
    for opt in options.optlist:
        core.set_option (opt, True)

    archive = args[0]
    files = args[1:]
    return (options.command, archive, files)

def main ():
    command, archive, files = parse_options ()
    if command == 'list':
        src = stream.FileStream ().open (archive)
        fmt = src.load_object ()
        list_archive (src, fmt)
    elif command == 'extract':
        src = stream.FileStream ().open (archive)
        fmt = src.load_object ()
        extract_archive (src, fmt, files)
    elif command == 'create':
        while os.path.lexists (archive):
            res = ask_user_replace (archive)
            if res == 'overwrite':
            if res == 'skip':
                sys.exit (0)
            elif res.startswith ('rename:'):
                archive = res.split (':', 1)[1]
        fmt = sav.SAV_Format ()
        tgt = stream.FileStream ().open (archive, 'wb')
        create_archive (tgt, fmt, files)
        tgt.close ()

if __name__ == '__main__':
    main ()

# End of file iezip