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GemRB V0.4.0 (2009-05-25):
  New features:
    - level up support in bg2
    - basic party reordering
    - bashing of containers and doors
    - persistent area effects (cloudkill, stinking cloud, web, etc.)
    - item amount window for stack splitting (shift+click or doubleclick)
    - depletion of item charges
    - opcodes: disable spellcasting, cutscene2 (pocketplane travel), knock,
      clear air, polymorph, disable button
    - dynamic scrollbar creation (display of more than 10 kits, 24 spells)
    - portrait effect icons
    - item ability selection
    - character customization

  Improved features:
    - fog of war
    - party reformation
    - iwd and how guiscripts have been merged
    - traps
    - pst dialogs
    - regeneration, hp bonuses, healing
    - animations and projectiles
    - rewritten MVE player
    - ranged combat
    - various guiscripts
    - bugfixes

  Applied patches:
    #2770564 Whiteclone (pst options window bug)
    numerous patches from mattinm finishing the level up support
    a few patches from ape fixing and extending iwd
    #2579743 jbmetz added RPM spec files

GemRB V0.3.2 (2009-02-16):
  New features:
    - default cancel button, bound to the escape key
    - tooltip animations and a shortcut (tab)
    - wrapper python classes that simplified the GUIScripts
    - trap detection, removal, triggering, xp, feedback, autopause
    - modal effects
    - proper xp award for dual- and multiclass actors
    - double click (used in the map window)
    - click-and-hold incrementing/decrementing
    - accumulate kill statistics
    - characters can move while the map is open
    - sound on item equip
    - arbitrary feat prerequisites in iwd2
    - hard pause for all games (originally a ToB feature); triggered with 'h'
    - extended night areas (originally a bg2 feature)

  Improved features:
    - walking animation timing
    - formations (arbitrary sizes, rotation, cursor)
    - ppc support (no more crashes)
    - container/door/infopoint cursor and highlight handling
    - various guiscripts
    - cmake build system (now really works on *nix)
    - magic item exclusion
    - stores and bags
    - fixed attack loop when target dies
    - bugfixes

  Applied patches:
    #2159734 Zefklop (Mouse activity during movies)
    #2243323 Zefklop (correct Openal cleanup)
    #2263333 Whiteclone (bg1 guiinv)
    #2380891 Amikrop (iwd1 guicommonwindows)

GemRB V0.3.1 (2008-09-25):
  New features:
    - mouse scroll support
    - starting tob inventory
    - character import in iwd and how
    - spritecover for area animations
    - proper XP bonus for thieving and learning spells

  Improved features:
    - gcc 4.3 compatibility
    - PST bestiary
    - bg2 and tob game modes have been merged
    - bg2 and iwd2 character generation was simplified and improved
    - stricter dualclassing prerequisites
    - the cmake build system is available for other platforms too
    - pathfinding
    - starting time is now at day 0
    - less memory leaks
    - bugfixes

GemRB V0.3.0 (2008-02-17):
  New features:
    - TLK override handling (custom biographies and map notes)
    - weapon immunities
    - party AI
    - expansion playmode
    - more actions, triggers and effects
    - loading of projectile explosion animations
    - kit information window
    - optional CMake build system (windows only)

  Improved features:
    - sound (now perfect!)
    - character generation
    - opcodes
    - character record window
    - pathfinding
    - tooltip delay
    - bugfixes

GemRB V0.2.9 (2007-07-06):
  New features:
    - thieving
    - tracking
    - graphical feedback (color pulse, blur, mirror image, vvc overlays etc)
    - projectiles
    - spell casting
    - item use
    - challenge rating calculation

  Improved features:
    - more opcodes
    - bugfixes
    - shop/inventory gui

GemRB V0.2.8 (2006-12-24):
  New features:
    - equipment is rendered both on paperdoll and avatar
    - weather (snow/rain) is now rendered

  Improved features:
    - action menus
    - game scripting (actions/triggers)

GemRB V0.2.7 (2006-08-30):
  New features:
    - large animations
    - worldmap travel
    - dialogue portraits
    - translucent shadows option
    - personal space of actors
    - combat
    - many new effects
    - overlay animation

  Improved features:
    - Script fixes
    - Action menus
    - TextScreen
    - doors
    - animated overlays
    - new actions

GemRB V0.2.6 (2005-12-06):
  New features:
    - Effects are in a different plugin
    - DoxyGen docs
    - Wallgroup covers
    - Door triggers
    - Action menus (talk/attack)
    - party/protagonist death handled

  Improved features:
    - Textscreen graphic fixed
    - script workflow
    - compilation and running on different systems (MacOSX, PPC Linux)
    - various leaks/instabilities fixed
    - Saving games
    - inventory screens in many games

GemRB V0.2.5 (2005-08-22):
  New features:
    - Save game
    - Effects are now loaded
    - Equipping effects in items
    - Spawn points in areas
    - Textscreen (scrolled text between chapters)

  Improved features:
    - GameScript is now much more reliable: Action override works, triggers fire once and then get cleared
    - fully working Store screen 
    - fixed padding of message window rows (in dialogs)

GemRB V0.2.4 (2005-05-29):
  New features:
    - Store dialogs (Temple, Inn, Container, Tavern, Store)
    - Fog of war with line of sight
    - Doors block path and line of sight
    - Window frames at higher resolutions
    - Animated buttons (PST portraits, Donation window)
    - Store opens when appropriate
    - Containers

  Improved features:
    - Fixed dialogs
    - new GUIScript functions with documentation
    - Fog of war/door/store related gamescript actions
    - fixed object distance and area variable handling in gamescript
    - other new gamescript actions/triggers
    - Implemented PCs fidget animations

    - Introduction to writing GUIScript scripts

GemRB v0.2.3 (2005-02-13):
  New features:
    - GUI for most of the games, especially interactive Inventory and Spellbook
    - Map and WorldMap
    - Load screen interstitials with progress bar
    - Spell and item cache to speed up object management
    - Added gamescript actions/triggers 
    - Selection of spells during character generation
    - First attempt on effects code
    - First attempt on Fog-Of-War
    - Tooltips
    - Overhead text
    - Ambient sounds
    - Volume control
    - Manual page gemrb(1)
    - Documentation for GemRB Python API and our custom override files

  Improved features:
    - Character generation
    - GUI
    - Build infrastructure on Linux and Un*x systems
    - Progress towards portability to 64 bit and big endian machines
    - Many bugfixes and new bugs as well ;-)
    - Shortened version numbers
    - Simplified user configuration, game specific settings are now
      in gemrb/override dir

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