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2005-08-23  Edheldil  <edheldil@users.sourceforge.net>
	* release 0.2.5

2005-02-15  Edheldil  <edheldil@users.sourceforge.net>
	* release 0.2.3

2004-07-20  Edheldil  <edheldil@users.sourceforge.net>

	* gemrb/plugins/Core/Control.cpp: applied patch from wjp, fixes #994601

GemRB v0.2.2.9 Added Features:
- Bug Fixes:
  - Fixed Object Parsing in Dialog code
- Added Features:
  - Added many scripting actions, triggers, object filters
  - Added hotkeys like '1-9', '=' to select players

GemRB v0.2.2.8 Added Features:
- Bug Fixes:
  - Fixed a Big Bug with the Map Displayer: 
      It was crashing while trying to display
      the left/top border of an area when the GUI was displayed.
  - Fixed a Bug in the MUS Importer:
      Error while decoding IWD2 Music PlayLists
- Added Features:
  - Full ACM Audio Streaming (no more WAV file in the Cache :)
  - Added Travel Triggers support
  - Added Area Travelling (now you can enter doors, etc... :)
- Enhancements:
  - Support for 'any-size-music-playlist' (the original engine supports up to 100 entries in a music playlist)
  - Music JukeBox ;) (actually implemented on BG2 and IWD2. Enter the Movies men๙ and click on the Credits button :)
- Cheat/Debug Codes Added:
  - CTRL+T: Teletransport the current Actor to the mouse position
- Added In-Game Script OpCodes:
  - StartDialogue: it is a simple hack using the Dialogue OpCode

GemRB v0.2.2.7 Added Features:
- Bug Fixes:
  - Fixed a bug when loading GAMEV2.2 Files (IWD2 SaveGames)
- Added Features:
  - Added CursorBAM=CARET option for Planescape: Torment
  - Basic In-Game GUI for IWD, IWD2, PST, and BG2 (BG1 should work with the BG2 GUI Scripts)
  - Added Dialog Support
  - Added Switch Triggers Support
- Added In-Game Script OpCodes:
  - Actions:
    - UnhideGUI: Shows the In-Game GUI and Ends the CutScene Mode
    - HideGUI: Hides the In-Game GUI
    - Dialogue: Starts a Dialogue
    - AmbientActivate: Enables/Disables an Ambient Animation
  - Triggers:
    - Range: Returns true only if the specified object is within distance given (in feet) of the active CRE.
    - Clicked: Only for trigger regions. Returns true if the specified object clicked on the trigger region running this script.
- Developer Changes:
  - Removed the InfoPoint structure
  - Added a new InfoPoint class
  - Added Map::GetAnimation(const char * Name)
  - Added support to Activate/Deactivate Animations
  - Added a new ScriptableType Value (ST_PROXIMITY = 1)

GemRB v0.2.2.6 Added Features:
- New Plugins:
  - GAM Importer
- New Features:
  - In-Game Script Interpreter
  - Added Console functions to run/evaluate In-Game Script Functions
- Optimizations:
  - Now the Decompression Phase is fast also on Systems with Low Memory (Thanks to |Cable|)
- Console Output Cleanup
- Applied Patches:
  - 862003: ZLib Decompression Fix for Low Memory Systems (Submitted bu |Cable|)
  - 862660: GameOnCD Option (Saves a big amount of Cache Space while having a full game installation) (Submitted by |Cable|)

GemRB v0.2.2.5 Added Features:
- Added some In-Game Script OpCodes:
  - PlaySound
  - CreateVisualEffect
  - CreateVisualEffectObject
  - DestroySelf
- Fixed some In-Game Script OpCodes:
  - Face: is now a Blocking OpCode
  - Global: Added support for GLOBALS & LOCALS Contexts
  - SetGlobal: Added support for GLOBALS & LOCALS Contexts
- Optimizations:
  - Little Speedup in the BlitSpriteMode function

GemRB v0.2.2.4 Added Features:
- Planescape: Torment support Added
- Rewritten the Audio Driver to use OpenAL (no more FMOD)
- Added Basic In-Game Scripts support
- Added a PathFinder
- Added Basic Visual Effects (VVC)

GemRB v0.2.2.0 Added Features:
- Major Bug Fixed: Never Freeing Plugin Instances
- A fully working BG2 Character Generation GUI
- Basic IWD/IWD2/BG1 GUI Implementation
- Now you can Enter the Main Area after the Character Generation
- Colored Characters
- Basic Character Selection
- Basic Door Manipulation (Open/Close state)
- Minor Bug Fixes
- Interactive Console
and Much More.