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[e77814] (v0.2.3) by Edheldil Edheldil

Noted the new release

svn-id: r2947

2005-02-15 23:59:47 Tree
[cde90d] by Edheldil Edheldil

Changed version number to 0.2.3. Welcome to a new realese

svn-id: r2946

2005-02-15 23:53:24 Tree
[9086ba] by Edheldil Edheldil

Slight corrections for FixPath()

svn-id: r2945

2005-02-15 22:54:18 Tree
[5dec40] by Avenger Avenger

missing underscore from MAX_PATH in VFS.cpp

svn-id: r2944

2005-02-15 17:39:02 Tree
[aef6e6] by Avenger Avenger

added FixPath to handle path delimiter (so configuration is easier)

svn-id: r2943

2005-02-15 16:33:17 Tree
[87359c] by Avenger Avenger

Changed version number to string constant

svn-id: r2942

2005-02-14 19:53:50 Tree
[4cf017] by Edheldil Edheldil

Update of release process doc

svn-id: r2941

2005-02-13 20:31:18 Tree
[09fd49] by Edheldil Edheldil

Use globally defined GEMRB_STRING instead of calculating it each time

svn-id: r2940

2005-02-13 19:02:20 Tree
[c6e633] by Edheldil Edheldil

Added release notes for upcoming 0.2.3 release

svn-id: r2939

2005-02-13 17:56:31 Tree
[23ed2b] by Edheldil Edheldil

Added (commented out) FogOfWar option to GemRB.cfg

svn-id: r2938

2005-02-13 14:07:30 Tree
[1ee66c] by Edheldil Edheldil

Fixed help on attrs after reloading a game

svn-id: r2937

2005-02-13 14:01:37 Tree
[b5c4ed] by Avenger Avenger

fixed dialog startup to interrupt actors correctly

svn-id: r2936

2005-02-13 13:39:50 Tree
[4a6e2e] by Avenger Avenger

fixed global script running
fixed GetEquippedWeapon crash
fixed a few ieResRef declarations in Interface
fixed a lot of gamescript actions to parse the target object correctly

svn-id: r2935

2005-02-12 22:58:41 Tree
[0fd99e] by Avenger Avenger

renamed torment.bcs to baldur.bcs because it is hardcoded in our engine

svn-id: r2934

2005-02-12 22:02:05 Tree
[b46efb] by Avenger Avenger

added torment.bcs to simulate the hardcoded faction changes of the protagonist

svn-id: r2933

2005-02-12 21:18:19 Tree
[66aff0] by Edheldil Edheldil

Little corrections in displaying stats

svn-id: r2932

2005-02-12 19:42:47 Tree
[0bfebd] by Avenger Avenger

added hasweapon equipped trigger

svn-id: r2931

2005-02-12 13:44:55 Tree
[8a1e22] by Avenger Avenger

Added Attack, ForceAttack, AttackReevaluate actions
Added InWeaponRange trigger

svn-id: r2930

2005-02-12 10:59:04 Tree
[37e5c0] by Avenger Avenger

pst problem with closed table handles when reloading games, also using GetSlotType guiscript function

svn-id: r2929

2005-02-11 22:25:02 Tree
[553106] by Avenger Avenger

fixed orientation of the protagonist (removed a bad randomisation effort)
protecting orientation attribute in debug mode

svn-id: r2928

2005-02-11 21:45:36 Tree
[0d53da] by Edheldil Edheldil

Display correct Time With Party for a PC. Based on lotana's patch #1093624

svn-id: r2927

2005-02-11 14:30:53 Tree
[77a6be] by Edheldil Edheldil

Applied slightly changed lotana's patch #1119821: Secondary and tertiary level exp implementation

svn-id: r2926

2005-02-11 11:17:13 Tree
[d13f48] by Edheldil Edheldil

Applied lotana's patch #1120336: Level Up window basic Implementation

svn-id: r2925

2005-02-11 10:38:27 Tree
[699f02] by Avenger Avenger

Yet another rework of the hashmap classes (Cache, Dictionary, Variables)

svn-id: r2924

2005-02-10 22:41:21 Tree
[fa1e27] by Avenger Avenger

Added Actor::GetWeaponRange() (still needs a lot of work to be actually useful)

svn-id: r2923

2005-02-09 21:19:11 Tree
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