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Commit Date  
[366227] (v0.2.5) by Edheldil Edheldil

Added release 0.2.5

svn-id: r3469

2005-08-23 21:43:28 Tree
[453028] by Edheldil Edheldil

Simplified default config a bit

svn-id: r3468

2005-08-23 21:38:37 Tree
[812a3a] by Avenger Avenger

described gemrb.ini options

svn-id: r3467

2005-08-23 08:33:29 Tree
[cb4115] by Edheldil Edheldil

Option to let MessageWindow behave as in PS:T, i.e. no cleaning after each reply

svn-id: r3466

2005-08-22 23:10:18 Tree
[4883d7] by Avenger Avenger

fixed transparency scale (it is actually 0-255)
friendlies will always be semi-transparent regardless of invis/transparency

svn-id: r3465

2005-08-22 21:52:57 Tree
[eeeded] by Avenger Avenger

updated NEWS

svn-id: r3464

2005-08-22 21:03:19 Tree
[e8aa95] by Avenger Avenger

bg1:fixed GUIMG (there are 20 known spells per page, not 24)

svn-id: r3463

2005-08-22 11:50:30 Tree
[f658f7] by Avenger Avenger

pst:swapped hpgained/constitution bonus lines in guirec
1. gained
2. bonus

svn-id: r3462

2005-08-22 10:08:46 Tree
[9de6b5] by Avenger Avenger

added missing #include <assert.h> to the gcc4 patch

svn-id: r3461

2005-08-22 10:02:33 Tree
[8b67d2] by Avenger Avenger

AMD64:commented out incompatible debug printf SF bug #1265066

svn-id: r3460

2005-08-22 08:39:45 Tree
[2fd6e4] by Avenger Avenger

fixed a warning of uninitialized variable in ImageMgr. SF bug #1263767

svn-id: r3459

2005-08-20 16:54:56 Tree
[b55270] by Avenger Avenger

fixed a quirk in the dialog loader (IE considers a zero length trigger - empty string - false, but it would consider a // trigger true).
This will significantly improve commoner dialogs in bg1

svn-id: r3458

2005-08-17 18:29:29 Tree
[0e03a9] by Avenger Avenger

implemented textscreen scrolling (it is still very ugly, no screen refresh, no sound)

svn-id: r3457

2005-08-15 20:29:17 Tree
[af5573] by Avenger Avenger

fixed a crasher in ACMImp when no Ogg support was compiled in (and tried to play an ogg)

svn-id: r3456

2005-08-15 20:20:15 Tree
[1d0891] by Avenger Avenger

TLKImp::GetString will play sound without position if there is no speaker found

svn-id: r3455

2005-08-15 20:17:50 Tree
[3dc138] by Avenger Avenger

Implemented MessageWindow history (fixed some related bugs)
fixed some action queue related problems (movement, death)

svn-id: r3454

2005-08-15 15:55:39 Tree
[2d48f5] by Avenger Avenger

fixed NearestPC crash

svn-id: r3453

2005-08-15 15:16:53 Tree
[f6591e] by Edheldil Edheldil

Added configure test for "ISO C++ forbids casting between pointer-to-function and pointer-to-object" as in GCC4

svn-id: r3452

2005-08-14 20:15:12 Tree
[a2cb6f] by Avenger Avenger

Changed eventmgr::DelWindow to directly take a window pointer instead of
unreliable attribute data

svn-id: r3451

2005-08-14 19:07:26 Tree
[fe1f28] by Avenger Avenger

GUIScript doc update

svn-id: r3450

2005-08-14 18:40:56 Tree
[518fb6] by Avenger Avenger

Redraw* has a const char* parameter in gui controls
Rewrote quitflag/loadgame/changescript to use QuitFlag bits (these features are now supported by the main loop, and not executed directly in DrawWindows)
Some other fixes...

svn-id: r3449

2005-08-14 17:52:26 Tree
[686f07] by Avenger Avenger

fixed movement path leak

svn-id: r3448

2005-08-14 17:29:06 Tree
[07fdbe] by Avenger Avenger

possibly fixed the spellbook leak

svn-id: r3447

2005-08-14 17:19:09 Tree
[4f57be] by Avenger Avenger

fixed a small leak in GlobalTimer (animation references)

svn-id: r3446

2005-08-14 17:11:59 Tree
[087999] by Avenger Avenger

fixed a possible crasher caused by incorrect colour gradients
(didn't fix the bug which corrupts the gradient)

svn-id: r3445

2005-08-14 17:00:33 Tree
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