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GemRB V0.6.5 (2011-07-24):
  New features:
    - quickspell support
    - keymap.ini handling
    - yet more unhardcoded PST projectiles
    - area comments, party npc interactions
    - ios port and enhanced touchscreen support

  Improved features:
    - performance
    - squirrels and other small game don't die instantly
    - stores and stacking
    - effects, triggers, actions, dialogs
    - secret door detection, turning undead
    - bugfixes and internal cleanups

  Applied patches:
    ios support patches from Brad Allred
    android and touchscreen patches from Beholder

GemRB V0.6.4 (2011-03-27):
  New features:
    - PST maze and (un)hardcoded projectiles
    - full wild, dead, miscast and vocal magic support
    - subspell selection (spell immunity, nahal's reckless dweomer...)
    - Autodetect GameType if it is set to 'auto' or commented out
    - compatibility with the bg2 demo
    - VVC lightspot support

  Improved features:
    - travel regions, projectiles, dialog startup
    - bink player has no/less artifacts, good sound quality
    - combat, effects, actions, triggers, banters
    - bugfixes

  Applied patches:
    a set of patches for Android support from Beholder
    arm compilation fixes by ShadowJack
    patch from Thomas Klausner fixing building with libpng 1.5
    patch by Hana Dusíková to support static linking on mac

GemRB V0.6.3 git (2010-11-21)
  New features:
    - IWD:HoW is now completable!
    - casting sounds and footsteps
    - autodetection of secret doors, detect illusions
    - basic bardsong support and selective magic resistance (bg2-style)
    - proper store economics, ergonomics and dragging
    - custom blood color (creature-dependant)
    - new actions, iwd effects and triggers
    - Importing a SoA game into ToB

  Improved features:
    - actor selection and action bar (for summons and illusions too!)
    - door bashing and traps
    - loading screens, ambushes, worldmap
    - sparkles, panic and other effects
    - actions, dialogs, object matching
    - personal items support (swap/equip/remove)
    - bugfixes

  Applied patches:
	iwd regression fix from Eggert Jón Magnússon

GemRB V0.6.2 (2010-08-21):
  New features:
    - a basic SDL_mixer plugin for faster, but lower-quality audio
    - dualclassing for bg1 and iwd
    - new triggers, actions, infravision
    - feet circle flickering on portrait hover, coloration in dialog
    - wisdom xp bonus (pst)

  Improved features:
    - actions, triggers, object matching
    - item loading and ability selection, inventory
    - projectiles, effects, subtitles, verbal constants
    - the core and guiscript design was cleaned up in many places
    - bugfixes

  Applied patches:
    backslash check patch from anthiste
    bg1 character generation patch from Maighstir
    a crosscompiling fix from F.Fischer

GemRB V0.6.1 (2010-06-16):
  New features:
    - a minimal dataset
    - reputation penalties on death or injury
    - casting level bonus/malus (wild mages, clerics)
    - tinting for different times of the day and weather effects
    - a BI(n)K player plugin for the IWD2 movies
    - new actions, turn undead

  Improved features:
    - the internal design was cleaned up in many places
    - game saving, modal actions, combat, effects, spawns
    - magic missiles are now drawn properly
    - various guiscripts (no more flickering!)
    - bugfixes

  Applied patches:
    two patches from Brendan Molloy

GemRB V0.6.0 (2009-11-03):
  New features:
    - BG1 and IWD are roughly completable!
    - levelup support for bg1 and iwd, dream cutscenes in ToB
    - more hardcoded projectiles and avatar animations
    - evasion, backstabbing and basic hide in shadows
    - compatibility with the widescreen mod (unreleased) allows for multiple
      custom resolutions
    - contingency and sequencer spells, beginnings of wild magic support

  Improved features:
    - combat, travelling and feedback
    - better spellcasting timing
    - actions, effects and triggers
    - various guiscripts
    - bugfixes

  Applied patches:
    a few patches from nugrud for how/totl support

GemRB V0.5.1 (2009-08-27):
  New features:
    - BG2:SoA is roughly completable!
    - almost all missing IE's hardcoded projectiles, spell hit projectiles,
      projectile trails, projectile failure (spell), projectile effectlists
    - auto-reloading of projectile weapons in case the ammo stack runs out
    - damage resistance
    - sorcerer style spellbooks, reading of iwd2 spellbooks
    - target following to other areas
    - the null sound plugin is now always loaded last by default; for old
      installs see the provided configuration example (DelayPlugin)
    - intelligence and wisdom dictated lore bonus
    - a GUIEnhancements config option (on by default) that enables a few
      extra controls (for convenience and larger mods)
    - PST death counters (don't anger the Lady)
    - initial support for targetting by portrait

  Improved features:
    - actions, effects and triggers
    - pathfinding, feet circles, fog of war and worldmap travel
    - combat and spellcasting (especially summoning)
    - projectiles
    - config and default table value parsing is smarter about spaces
    - various guiscripts
    - bugfixes

  Applied patches:
    various patches from nugrud for bg2 gui enhancements
    fix compilation (with cmake) on OS X, by hanicka

GemRB V0.5.0 (2009-06-25):
  New features:
    - SoA, ToB and PST are roughly playable beyond their first levels
    - combat: dual-wielding, APR, proficiency and style boni, dexterity
      bonus, initiatitive and speed factor, individual combat rounds
    - many IE's hardcoded projectiles and support for projectile sounds
    - IWD2 GUI now works after chargen too
    - bg2 chargen now levels to the correct level
    - summoned and charmed creatures can be ordered around
    - actor tooltips (name and injury status)
    - running, initial variable values and portal animations in PST
    - hardcoded monk bonuses

  Improved features:
    - dialog, actions and triggers
    - combat mechanics, animation, feedback, ranged combat
    - matters of time and matter
    - levelup, dual classing, multiclass handling
    - focus: scrolling while paused is now possible
    - animations (projectile, creature)
    - pathfinding
    - area music restarts when there's no music playing
    - disarm trap checks skills
    - various guiscripts
    - bugfixes

  Applied patches:
    #2802190 jbmetz (improve the rpm spec handling)
    #2802437 danamin (patch bomb sanitizing bg1 chargen + bg2 code share)

GemRB V0.4.0 (2009-05-25):
  New features:
    - level up support in bg2
    - basic party reordering
    - bashing of containers and doors
    - persistent area effects (cloudkill, stinking cloud, web, etc.)
    - item amount window for stack splitting (shift+click or doubleclick)
    - depletion of item charges
    - opcodes: disable spellcasting, cutscene2 (pocketplane travel), knock,
      clear air, polymorph, disable button
    - dynamic scrollbar creation (display of more than 10 kits, 24 spells)
    - portrait effect icons
    - item ability selection
    - character customization

  Improved features:
    - fog of war
    - party reformation
    - iwd and how guiscripts have been merged
    - traps
    - pst dialogs
    - regeneration, hp bonuses, healing
    - animations and projectiles
    - rewritten MVE player
    - ranged combat
    - various guiscripts
    - bugfixes

  Applied patches:
    #2770564 Whiteclone (pst options window bug)
    numerous patches from mattinm finishing the level up support
    a few patches from ape fixing and extending iwd
    #2579743 jbmetz added RPM spec files

GemRB V0.3.2 (2009-02-16):
  New features:
    - default cancel button, bound to the escape key
    - tooltip animations and a shortcut (tab)
    - wrapper python classes that simplified the GUIScripts
    - trap detection, removal, triggering, xp, feedback, autopause
    - modal effects
    - proper xp award for dual- and multiclass actors
    - double click (used in the map window)
    - click-and-hold incrementing/decrementing
    - accumulate kill statistics
    - characters can move while the map is open
    - sound on item equip
    - arbitrary feat prerequisites in iwd2
    - hard pause for all games (originally a ToB feature); triggered with 'h'
    - extended night areas (originally a bg2 feature)

  Improved features:
    - walking animation timing
    - formations (arbitrary sizes, rotation, cursor)
    - ppc support (no more crashes)
    - container/door/infopoint cursor and highlight handling
    - various guiscripts
    - cmake build system (now really works on *nix)
    - magic item exclusion
    - stores and bags
    - fixed attack loop when target dies
    - bugfixes

  Applied patches:
    #2159734 Zefklop (Mouse activity during movies)
    #2243323 Zefklop (correct Openal cleanup)
    #2263333 Whiteclone (bg1 guiinv)
    #2380891 Amikrop (iwd1 guicommonwindows)

GemRB V0.3.1 (2008-09-25):
  New features:
    - mouse scroll support
    - starting tob inventory
    - character import in iwd and how
    - spritecover for area animations
    - proper XP bonus for thieving and learning spells

  Improved features:
    - gcc 4.3 compatibility
    - PST bestiary
    - bg2 and tob game modes have been merged
    - bg2 and iwd2 character generation was simplified and improved
    - stricter dualclassing prerequisites
    - the cmake build system is available for other platforms too
    - pathfinding
    - starting time is now at day 0
    - less memory leaks
    - bugfixes

GemRB V0.3.0 (2008-02-17):
  New features:
    - TLK override handling (custom biographies and map notes)
    - weapon immunities
    - party AI
    - expansion playmode
    - more actions, triggers and effects
    - loading of projectile explosion animations
    - kit information window
    - optional CMake build system (windows only)

  Improved features:
    - sound (now perfect!)
    - character generation
    - opcodes
    - character record window
    - pathfinding
    - tooltip delay
    - bugfixes

GemRB V0.2.9 (2007-07-06):
  New features:
    - thieving
    - tracking
    - graphical feedback (color pulse, blur, mirror image, vvc overlays etc)
    - projectiles
    - spell casting
    - item use
    - challenge rating calculation

  Improved features:
    - more opcodes
    - bugfixes
    - shop/inventory gui

GemRB V0.2.8 (2006-12-24):
  New features:
    - equipment is rendered both on paperdoll and avatar
    - weather (snow/rain) is now rendered

  Improved features:
    - action menus
    - game scripting (actions/triggers)

GemRB V0.2.7 (2006-08-30):
  New features:
    - large animations
    - worldmap travel
    - dialogue portraits
    - translucent shadows option
    - personal space of actors
    - combat
    - many new effects
    - overlay animation

  Improved features:
    - Script fixes
    - Action menus
    - TextScreen
    - doors
    - animated overlays
    - new actions

GemRB V0.2.6 (2005-12-06):
  New features:
    - Effects are in a different plugin
    - DoxyGen docs
    - Wallgroup covers
    - Door triggers
    - Action menus (talk/attack)
    - party/protagonist death handled

  Improved features:
    - Textscreen graphic fixed
    - script workflow
    - compilation and running on different systems (MacOSX, PPC Linux)
    - various leaks/instabilities fixed
    - Saving games
    - inventory screens in many games

GemRB V0.2.5 (2005-08-22):
  New features:
    - Save game
    - Effects are now loaded
    - Equipping effects in items
    - Spawn points in areas
    - Textscreen (scrolled text between chapters)

  Improved features:
    - GameScript is now much more reliable: Action override works, triggers fire once and then get cleared
    - fully working Store screen 
    - fixed padding of message window rows (in dialogs)

GemRB V0.2.4 (2005-05-29):
  New features:
    - Store dialogs (Temple, Inn, Container, Tavern, Store)
    - Fog of war with line of sight
    - Doors block path and line of sight
    - Window frames at higher resolutions
    - Animated buttons (PST portraits, Donation window)
    - Store opens when appropriate
    - Containers

  Improved features:
    - Fixed dialogs
    - new GUIScript functions with documentation
    - Fog of war/door/store related gamescript actions
    - fixed object distance and area variable handling in gamescript
    - other new gamescript actions/triggers
    - Implemented PCs fidget animations

    - Introduction to writing GUIScript scripts

GemRB v0.2.3 (2005-02-13):
  New features:
    - GUI for most of the games, especially interactive Inventory and Spellbook
    - Map and WorldMap
    - Load screen interstitials with progress bar
    - Spell and item cache to speed up object management
    - Added gamescript actions/triggers 
    - Selection of spells during character generation
    - First attempt on effects code
    - First attempt on Fog-Of-War
    - Tooltips
    - Overhead text
    - Ambient sounds
    - Volume control
    - Manual page gemrb(1)
    - Documentation for GemRB Python API and our custom override files

  Improved features:
    - Character generation
    - GUI
    - Build infrastructure on Linux and Un*x systems
    - Progress towards portability to 64 bit and big endian machines
    - Many bugfixes and new bugs as well ;-)
    - Shortened version numbers
    - Simplified user configuration, game specific settings are now
      in gemrb/override dir