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--- a/Structs.h
+++ b/Structs.h
@@ -1274,12 +1274,12 @@
   unsigned long areaflags; //can save, dream, etc
   char northref[8];
   long northflags;
+  char eastref[8];
+  long eastflags;
+  char southref[8];
+  long southflags;
   char westref[8];
   long westflags;
-  char southref[8];
-  long southflags;
-  char eastref[8];
-  long eastflags;
   unsigned char areatype; //forest, extended night, etc
   unsigned char unkflags;
   short rain;
@@ -1494,8 +1494,8 @@
   char trapscript[8];
   long firstvertex;
   short vertexcount;
-  short unknown56;
-  char trapname[32];
+  short triggerrange;
+  char ownername[32];
   char keyitem[8];
   short unknown80;
   short unknown82;

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