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 Dragonlance TC Editor Pro
 Unofficial game file editor/checker/browser for IE (Infinity Engine) games.
-Current version: V6.7j
+Current version: V7.0j
+- fixed problem with pst creature writer (saving corrupted creatures with overlays)
+- applied Igi's patch for filedialog (with modification) 
+- added more iwd2 specific fields (feats/skills)
+- swapped the bg1 area exits
+- fixed spell forgetting not to forget multiple spells in some cases
+- added some iwd2 specific creature fields
+- fixed a small screwup of tutu converted items causing trouble in the item loader
+- hot buttons changed from checker to editor because editors are more frequently used
+- removed extra debug code from area searcher
+- fixed possible memory corruption in area mirror tool
+- fixed area editor crasher (removing containers)
+- fixed area container/door copy/paste
+- added polygon count checker for iwd2 walls
+- fixed src crasher
+- zoom function enlarges bam by 2 in bam editor
+- updated pst missile ids (you have to copy it as missile.ids into your game override)
+- fixed chr save
+- fixed some effect descriptions
+- fixed a crash with iwd2 creature soundsets
+- you can disable force new strref on import tbg (this is the default)
+- TP2 generation for files
+- internal script decompiler 
+- fixed change detection after .pro file saving
+- converts :'s to \\ in the chitin.key (so a chitin.key from mac could be used?)
+- fixed PST creature loader when there is no overlay structure
+- fixed area container inserting when there was no door
+- added bam splitter
+- fixed a few effect descriptions
+- fixed old bug in effect loader causing intermittent problems in effect list
+- improved PST effect list
+- fixed PST game saver (bestiary offset wasn't recalculated)
+- fixed PST creature loader (overlay structure handled)
+- effect editor accepts hexadecimal opcode numbers
+- fixed number of attacks list in creature editor
+- improved BG2 effects list
+- added missile.ids for iwd2 (but it is useful for bg1 too)
+- modified the saving order of store files to match the original world editor order
+- added vertical swapping of bam frames
+- fixed iwd2 saving throw types
 - fixed a possible crash in the door tile editor
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 Read the accompanying textfiles for instructions on editing various filetypes.
-For modding tips, information, tools and other resources visit us at www.forgottenwars.net!
+For modding tips, information, tools and other resources visit us at www.gibberlings3.net!
 The DLTCEP support forum is on the following website: www.dragonlancetc.com/forums/index.php?board=9
 The (somewhat outdated) sources for this program are available on gemrb.sourceforge.net in the CVS under module Utilities.