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+Dragonlance TC Editor Pro
+Unofficial game file editor/checker/browser for IE (Infinity Engine) games.
+Current version: V6.7j
+- fixed a possible crash in the door tile editor
+- ignore *.ini CD paths option (autogenerating paths seems more reliable for full install)
+- fixed ToB game loading
+- improved game structure editing
+- fixed PST game saving
+- added search values in ids file editor
+- improved area editor
+- fixed PST creature color selection
+- fix: fixed duration/damage tool
+- add: added a VVC sequence bit
+- updated iesdp format descriptions
+- fix: a crasher in tis editor
+- fix: palette in multi frame import is now fixed
+- fix: fixed some checks
+- add: added mass dialog decompile function
+- add: two new palette manipulation functions
+- add: dltcep recognises the rgb format in sprkclr.2da
+- fix: fixed resource searching in effV1 creature effects (crasher), bugged recently
+- fix: some effect updates
+- add: added dual tlk editing, resync tlks, etc.
+- add: added ignore filesize option for large files
+- add: added support for embedded creatures and trap projectiles in area editor
+- add: dialog searcher: outputting which transition contains the action/trigger
+- fix: probably fixed creature saving in iwd/pst (iwd2 still unsafe, bg1/bg2 unchanged)
+- fix: improved creature checker (dialog, twohanded weapons with shields)
+- fix: fixed loading of special gam structures: pst modron maze, bg2 saved locations
+- fix: improved door editor
+- fix: fixed a bug in the chui editor
+- fix: overlay handling (minimap, display)
+- fix: tile selection
+- add: chitin.key unpacker/repacker
+- fix: fixed the 'skim savegame' feature so it won't be 'screw savegame' anymore
+- add: tavern quality flags (bg1/bg2)
+- add: guess dimensions of tileset
+- fix: fixed pst explored bitmap editing
+- fix: fixed false warning of wed changed when it didn't
+- add: drop 10 frames of a cycle function for faster frame removal
+- add: added many checks to warn about unsaved changes (not complete)
+- fix: if the effect description isn't set yet, try to set it based on the gametype
+- add: new setup button
+- fix: speed of generating minimap (which was slowed down by the changes in V6.5d)
+- add: preview of chui files (shows the background of the first window)
+- fix: optimized speed and memory usage of green water removal
+- fix: fixed throwing dagger animation
+- add: night lightmap editing is simpler
+- add: saving/loading polygons in .ply format
+- add: region link selection from available triggers
+- add: automatically fix height/searchmaps with invalid palette size
+- add: improved script checker to check object death variables (may have false reports)
+- add: explored area editor
+- fix: fixed floodfill freeze for impeded blocks/explored map editor
+- fix: fixed night minimap generation (night minimap can be generated from the night wed)
+- add: option to not center on vertex in polygon editor
+- add: travel trigger vs. door matching (used by door flag/region link checks)
+- fix: enlarged region link field to 16
+- fix: hopefully fixed all polygon corruption in area editor
+- fix: hopefully fixed rare crashes due to empty polygons
+- fix: fixed a crasher when editing polygons/impeded blocks of small areas
+- fix: fixed area corruption when copying items
+- fix: fix areas on save when they are corrupted by the previous bug
+- fix: shallow water searchmap entry
+- add: play all cycles area animation bit
+- add: left click on aux map will bring the map editor up centered on that point
+- add: align bam frames of a single cycle
+- add: importing external .tis/.bmp door tiles
+- fix: crasher in game editor (add/remove journal entry)
+V6.4 and before
+- implemented all the rest...
+- checks most filetypes for possible crashers, bugs or cosmetical errors.
+- provides fixes of various errors made by other editors. (MOS, creature, dialog, area, BAM, KEY, BIF )
+- extracts most of the filetypes (able to extract all files of a certain type, or all files in a bif or files matching a pattern).
+- looks for files matching a specification of field values (for example you can look for all evil creatures).
+- able to manipulate or create most of the filetypes with various degree of usefulness.
+- able to compress or decompress bifs.
+Progress status:
+1. Consistency checkers
+ They work for BG2, some of them works for IWD2 and other engines.
+ They are safe for running, but they may give false reports.
+2. Editors
+ Item editor - Works for all engines (PST/BG1/BG2/IWD1/IWD2)
+ Spell editor - Works for all engines (PST/BG1/BG2/IWD1/IWD2)
+ Store editor - Works for all engines (PST/BG1/BG2/IWD1/IWD2)
+ Creature editor - Works for all engines, but doesn't fully support IWD2
+ Area editor - Works for all engines, fully supports wed/tis editing (door addition/removal, vertex manipulations, overlays), it can convert BG1 areas to BG2 (green water)
+ PRO/VVC/EFF editors - Work for BG2 (the other engines might not support these formats)
+ Dialog editor - Works for all engines
+ Game editor - Works for all engines, it doesn't support full savegame editing. It can be used to add NPC's to a new game.
+ BAM editor - Works for all engines. It can compress/decompress BAMs, manipulate palette, add animation cycles
+ Worldmap editor - Works for all engines, can edit multi map worldmaps
+ MOS editor - Works for all engines, it can compress/decompress MOS files, fix transparency
+ TIS editor - Works for all engines
+ 2DA editor - Works for all engines
+ IDS editor - Works for all engines
+ MUS editor - Works for all engines
+ TLK editor - Works for all engines
+ KEY editor - Works for all engines
+ Handle the editors with care, make backups before modify items, bams, etc.
+ If you find a reproducible bug or you have any idea how could I improve this tool, please notify me via the DLTCEP Support Board. (www.dragonlancetc.com/dltcep)
+3. Resource finders
+ They work and safe for running. Occasional crashes were reported.
+4. Resource extractor
+ It works for all engines, but CD extraction may be tricky. Extraction from compressed bifs now works flawlessly, no need to decompress the whole bif.
+5. Bif/sav decompressor/compressor
+ It works for all engines.
+6. TBG import/export
+ Supports the TBG3, TBG4, TBGN and IAP fileformats
+Known bugs:
+The dialog tree recoils when changing any leaf (annoying)
+The stop button doesn't work during searching/checking
+Known problems:
+ The script checker reports [ANYONE] as an invalid IDS value.
+ The symbol isn't in the EA.ids (or other) file. It is working only because the game replaces invalid symbols by 0.
+ Add the line 0 ANYONE to your EA.ids (or other).
+ The script checker reports [ANYONE] as an invalid object.ids value.
+ The symbol isn't in the object.ids file. It is working only because the game replaces invalid symbols by 0.
+ Add the line 0 ANYONE to your OBJECT.ids.
+ The consistency checkers report a lot of problems.
+ It reports different severity problems. Some cause crashes, some cause visual problems, some are unnoticed in the game and some are deliberate tweaks.
+ Look at your 'Check' menu in the setup and turn off some checks. If you don't care about original game errors, turn the 'skip original files' option on.
+ The script editor doesn't refresh line numbers when dragging the scrollbar.
+ When the edit box has no focus Windows doesn't send the same message (and i'm too lazy/inexperienced to find the solution).
+ Make sure the text edit box has the input focus by clicking into it.
+ The area editor shows garbled graphics when using graphical placement tools (the placed animation itself seems right, but the area graphics is scrambled).
+ This has been fixed (i think).
+ Make sure you use your display in 32 bit color depth.
+ Effect numbers are displayed twice in the effect names.
+ The effect descriptions contain the numbers, but DLTCEP adds them too.
+ Turn on the 'don't number effects' edit option.
+ DLTCEP is complaining about missing shout.ids, moraleai.ids, color.ids or similar.
+ The action/trigger ids files contain references to nonexistent files.
+ Fix your action.ids, trigger.ids files or add an empty file in place of the missing one.
+ The modified file doesn't contain the modification. This happens only when modifying an original game file. It also happens
+when the modification was made by another tool while DLTCEP is running.
+ DLTCEP loads chitin.key and override information once at startup (or at reload chitin or setup change) to speed up file access.
+ Load the new file by the 'load external' button. Or reload chitin.key from the main menu.
+Maltanar - for sharing information and code
+Theo - for sharing information and code
+Ken Baker - for starting TeamBG (now defunct)
+Max/Potencius - for creating TDD and DLTC (dragonlancetc.com)
+Manveru - for starting IESDP, a great site for IE file formats (now defunct)
+Igi - for maintaining IESDP and creating DLTCEP tutorials (iesdp.gibberlings3.net)
+Jon Olav Hauglid - author of NI, for clearing up some unknowns (www.idi.ntnu.no/~joh/ni/index.html)
+Abel@TeamX - for the ACM handler routines (www.teamx.ru)
+Westley Weimer - for WeiDU (weidu.org)
+Per Olafsson - for TisPack
+Several other people - for providing bits of information and reporting bugs
+Ian Ashdown - for the octree algorithm (fast color reduction)
+Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler - for their static zlib module
+Bioware & Black Isle - for the IE engine and the games
+Additional information:
+Read the accompanying textfiles for instructions on editing various filetypes.
+For modding tips, information, tools and other resources visit us at www.forgottenwars.net!
+The DLTCEP support forum is on the following website: www.dragonlancetc.com/forums/index.php?board=9
+The (somewhat outdated) sources for this program are available on gemrb.sourceforge.net in the CVS under module Utilities.
+Modifications to this program may not be misrepresented as the original, otherwise you are free to port it to other systems (i would like to know about it).
+DLTCEP is constantly growing, generally I release a new version each week (or month) therefore if you altered the program it is better you supply the patch on the sourceforge site.
+If you have created a public mod (or TC) with the help of this tool, please mention that in your mod's readme (if there is any).