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--- a/Structs.h
+++ b/Structs.h
@@ -250,7 +250,7 @@
   short frame;
   short xpos;
   short ypos;
-  long unknown2;
+  long scrollcontrolid;
   char font[8]; //font bam
   char unknown3[34];
   short length;
@@ -2339,10 +2339,18 @@
   CString a,b;
 } CString2;
+typedef struct
+  CString string;
+  int type;
+} journal_type;
 typedef CList<CString2, CString2&> CString2List;
 typedef CMap<CString, LPCSTR, int, int&> CStringMapInt;
 typedef CMap<int, int, int, int&> CIntMapInt;
 typedef CMap<int, int, CString, LPCSTR> CIntMapString;
+typedef CMap<int, int, journal_type, journal_type&> CIntMapJournal;
 typedef CMap<CString, LPCSTR, tooltip_data, tooltip_data&> CStringMapTooltip;
 typedef CMap<CString, LPCSTR, compiler_data, compiler_data&> CStringMapToCompiler;
 typedef CTypedPtrMap<CMapStringToOb, CString, CStringMapInt*> CStringMapToCStringMapInt;