#255 BG2: dragons not rendered properly

GemRB Main Engine
GamePlay (136)

Version: gemrb-0.72-git (30 Jan 2013)
BG2 setup: official patches, fixpack from gibberlings, unfinished business


The dragons don't seem to be rendered properly (see screenshots). I include the examples of Thaxll'ssillyia and Firkraag and presumably the later ones are the same too. It is as if the upper texture layer is missing or has not loaded. (I'm still learning about the engine, so this description is probably inaccurate).
For screenshots, see http://imgur.com/LKQGp7L and http://imgur.com/VO6KJib
Save games: http://mir.cr/GNCNHUEJ and http://mir.cr/AEK9UFK8.

At some points in combat with Firkraag (red dragon), the dragon momentarily rendered correctly, but only for a split second.

OS: Xubuntu 12.04


  • Anonymous - 2013-01-30

    Shadow Dragon (Thaxllssillya) log

  • Anonymous - 2013-01-30

    Red dragon (Firkraag)

  • Jaka Kranjc

    Jaka Kranjc - 2013-05-26
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Jaka Kranjc

    Jaka Kranjc - 2013-05-26

    it was fixed and they're now pretty from all angles and in all movement!


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