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[Release] Gelide 0.1.5

  • Juan Ángel Moreno Fernández

    Here you have the new Gelide 0.1.5. This time this is not a version with major changes but rather a bug fix release. Virtually all these errors have been reported by Pablo Casas (pablo33), thank you for your cooperation.

    * New and updated:
    - Added "Sinclair - ZX Spectrum" to the systems list with the emulators FBZX, Fuse, SpectEmu, Mess and SdlMess preconfigured.
    - Added Russian translation by Oleg Koptev (Thank you for contributing).
    - Added Polish translation by Kamil Ślepowroński (Thank you for contributing).
    - Spanish translation updated by jamf.

    * Fixes:
    - Bug #3212822. Fixed a bug that prevented the proper load of the main window configuration when started in fullscreen mode.
    - Bug #3099249. Now the tools bar status is remembered correctly.
    - Bug #3212793. The param "-l" has been removed from the preconfiguration of ZSNes.
    - Bug #3212831. Now the link to Gelide's homepage in the About dialog is working.
    - Bug #3212837. Now the emulators panel work correctly and let you add any number of emulators without problems.
    - Bug #3212836. Now the systems panel work correctly and let you add any number of systems without problems.

    In the downloads section, we added two new DAT files for the Atari - 5200 and Atari - 7800.
    We've also updated the document "SystemsAndEmulators-HowTo" including documentation of new systems and emulators.

    I also want to use this entry to thank the people of GetDeb and PlayDeb for packaging Gelide and make it available from their repositories.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    The link to "SystemsAndEmulators-HowTo"  points to localhost.

  • Juan Ángel Moreno Fernández

    The link to "SystemsAndEmulators-HowTo"  points to localhost.

    Thank you. Now it is corrected.


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