#9 Tool bar view state not remembered

Jared B.

If I hide the toolbar and exit gelide, the toolbar is visible again on restart. Unlike the filter pane, information, pane, etc., the state of the toolbar is not recorded.

I found that I CAN set the "tool_bar_visible" preference to 0 in gelidecfg.xml and this will permanently hide the toolbar. So, it looks like the functionality to permanently view/hide the toolbar exists, but the state is not being saved correctly when changed.

This is with 0.1.4.


  • Juan Ángel Moreno Fernández

    • labels: --> Main Interface
    • milestone: --> v0.1.4
    • assigned_to: nobody --> jamf
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Juan Ángel Moreno Fernández

    It is a bug caused by the new configuration system.
    Now it is corrected.
    if it is very annoying for you, it is simple to fix:
    In src/ui/gelide_ui.cpp, at line 126 change "status_bar_visible" by "tool_bar_visible".
    Thanks for pointing me this bug.


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