geexboxforwii-mini Log

Commit Date  
[a0fc6c] (defaulttip) by farter

Added tag 0.1beta3 for changeset 2acdf485c7f3

2010-02-27 18:07:47 Tree
[2acdf4] (0.1beta3) by farter

wii-hbc: new version info

2010-02-27 17:31:42 Tree
[b11c4a] by farter

network: fix WPA_CIPHER parsing

2010-02-27 17:27:06 Tree
[071e05] by farter

network: make wifi key comments clearer

2010-02-27 17:24:05 Tree
[9ea529] by farter

MPlayer: remove /tmp/mp_result while mounting fuseiso

2010-02-27 17:14:08 Tree
[7adf6e] by farter

revert r182: readonly filesystem

2010-02-27 15:31:58 Tree
[2ec231] by farter

only install (required by mke2fs) in ramdisk; remove seemingly
unused libgomp

2010-02-27 13:50:50 Tree
[25e712] by farter

ramdisk: remove mke2fs after usage

2010-02-27 13:38:21 Tree
[7652b0] by farter

e2fsprogs: build slightly smaller mke2fs (note -static-libgcc should not
make any differences as there is no libgcc.a in toolchain)

2010-02-27 13:35:38 Tree
[c1d3df] by farter

linux: remove unnecessary patches

2010-02-27 13:33:53 Tree
[551d49] by farter

wpa_supplicant: make sure openssl has been built

2010-02-26 16:50:36 Tree
[006c90] by farter

MPlayer: wrong sub-fuzziness

2010-02-26 16:18:14 Tree
[d3dcc2] by farter

linux: update to

2010-02-25 16:02:22 Tree
[77bf38] by farter

MPlayer: enable autoload subs

2010-02-11 08:38:22 Tree
[ffdeff] by farter

i18n-texts: fix building

2010-02-11 07:42:50 Tree
[7d3a29] by farter

glibc: fix iconv config

2010-02-11 07:41:16 Tree
[07db98] by farter

ramdisk: mke2fs requires libgcc_s

2010-02-04 19:13:35 Tree
[08133e] by farter

glibc: update to 2.11.1

2010-02-04 19:12:06 Tree
[d0f686] by farter

binutils: sync with mainline

2010-02-04 19:10:47 Tree
[012561] by farter

fbi: fix building with proper headers

2010-02-04 19:09:23 Tree
[6e99c3] by farter

linux-headers: use proper install

2010-02-04 19:08:41 Tree
[ec53c8] by farter

MPlayer: sync with mainline

2010-02-04 19:07:43 Tree
[cebc29] by farter

ffmpeg: sync with mainline

2010-02-04 19:06:59 Tree
[a11500] by farter

MPlayer: missing options in mplayer.conf

2010-02-04 19:04:48 Tree
[ea48ef] by farter

i18n-texts: fix permission

2010-02-02 22:29:36 Tree
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