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         ooooo                     oo     o  o               oo     o
        M"   "Mo                    Mo  oM"  M                Mo  oM"
       M           oM""Mo  oM""Mo    "Mo"    Mo"""o  oM""Mo    "Mo"
       M    """M   MooooMM MooooMM   oMMo    M    "M M    M    oMMo
       "o     oM   M    o  M    o   oM  Mo   M    oM M    M   oM  Mo
        "MoooM"M   "MooM"  "MooM"  M"    "M  M"ooo"  "MooM"  M"    "M

| ~~~~

Do NOT send bug reports, help and feature requests directly to the authors.

| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Aurelien Jacobs <aurel@geexbox.org>
Benjamin Zores <ben@geexbox.org>

| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Amir Shalem <amir@geexbox.org>
Andrew Calkin <andrew.calkin@gmail.com>
Alexis Saettler <asbin@asbin.org>
Mathieu Schroeter <mathieu.schroeter@mycable.ch>
Guillaume LECERF <foxcore@gmail.com>
Davide Cavalca <davide125@tiscali.it>
David Amiel <david@lesamiel.fr>

| ~~~~~~~

Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta@iki.fi>
   * many cleaning and fixes
Serge Gebhardt  <sg at mystaz dot de>
   * added fbi for image viewing support.
BWare  <bware@s4s.dyndns.org>
   * added wifi support.
Serial Cleaner <serial.cleaner@gmx.net>
   * setcd patch
   * hauppauge remote support.
Hervé Urbain <dersie.urbain@wanadoo.fr>
   * logitech remote support.
   * realmagic remote support.
Plom <tbb.plom@libertysurf.fr>
   * leadtek remote support.
Mathieu Velten <matmaul2003@yahoo.fr>
   * enhanced win32 generator.
Kevin Foss <ftcomp@ftcomp.ca>
   * radio card support.
Arne Graesser <geexbox@palmila.de>
   * sleeptimer
Cédric Chaissac <tche2.geexbox@free.fr>
   * support for Microsoft MCE USB remote.
   * support for StreamZap remote.
Jean Flinois <flynn@vtech.fr>
   * support for ATI Remote Wonder II.
Laurent Peltier <moviebox@free.fr>
   * support for SHOUTcast, Extended M3U and custom network streams.
   * support for X10 RF MCE Remote Control.
Bertrand Cachet <bertrand.cachet@gmail.com>
   * support for Python
Andraz Levstik <ruskie@mages.ath.cx>
   * support for Plan9 network shares
Assen Totin  <assen@online.bg>
   * support for FeH image viewer.
Jing Liu (a.k.a. Farter)  <fartersh-1@yahoo.com>
   * addition of FuseISO
   * Bluetooth support.
   * un-official Wii port.

| ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kiril Jovchev <jovchev@quartal.com>
   * Bulgarian menu translation.
Michele Schaeuble <mschaeuble@swissonline.ch>
   * German menu and README translations.
Andrighetto Riccardo <geexbox@truzzone.it>
   * Italian menu translation.
barb3tta <barb3tta@aliceposta.it>
   * Italian README translation.
Yogi <Yogi_d@poczta.onet.pl>
   * Polish menu translation.
Eva Mikulcikova <evmi@seznam.cz>
   * Czech and Slovak menu translations.
ClycioC <clycioc@yahoo.com.br>
   * brasilian portuguese menu translation.
Nikolas Garofil <garo@linux.be>
   * dutch menu translation.
kim <kim.asplund@pp.malax.fi>
   * Finnish and Swedish menu translations.
Tommi Tauriainen and team Jynkky <t.tauriainen@mbnet.fi>
   * Finnish menu and readme translations fixes.
c0p0n <c0p0n@myrealbox.com>
   * Spanish menu translation.
Nicolas Forgeard <nicephore17@yahoo.fr>
   * French README translation.
Sass Tabakajev <sass@lib.werro.ee>
   * Estonian menu translation
Ebore Belosa <eborebelosa@centrum.cz>
   * Czech menu and help translation.
Excaliber <Excaliberx@gmail.com>
   * Hebrew menu and help translation.
Strahinic Igor <ikeda@medianis.net>
   * Serbian menu and help translation.
Lars Sunde
   * Norwegian menu and help translation.
Vladimir <eborebelosa@centrum.cz>
   * Czech README translation.
Yhlee <yhlee@dw.am>
   * Korean menu and help translation.
Christos Themelis <jef_wireless@hotmail.com>
   * Greek menu and help translation.
MarkTsai <marktsai0316@yahoo.com.tw>
   * Simplified and Traditional Chinese menu and help translation.
Denis Polevoi <denpol@list.ru>
   * Russian README translation.
Siddique Vally-Adam <siddic@gmail.com>
   * French and English documentation about how to setup a Win32 PXE server.
Heiko Rutenbeck (bzrudi) <bzrudi@tuxpower.de>
   * Complete deutsch website's translation.

| ~~~~~~~~~

Mickaël Beugnier <Mitch@no-log.org>
  for the GeeXboX logo and bootlogo design (releases 0.90-1 to 0.98).
Nicolas Staszak (NICO.S) <nico.s3d@free.fr>
  for the bootsplash and user interface design.

| ~~~~~~

Special thanks to Dennis Roos <dennis.roos@gmail.com> and his company InTouch
  for offering us a webserver and full of bandwidth up to Dec. 2005.

Special thanks to George Pratt <george@hosting365.ie> and
  Stephen McCarron <stephen@hosting365.ie> and their company Hosting365
  for offering us a dedicated webserver and full of bandwidth since Dec. 2005.

Thanks for all of the generous donators who have contributed to help us with
GeeXboX development by giving us hardware or money.
They are too many to be listed here but each of them will recognize himself.

The whole free software community, and especially the whole MPlayer team.

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