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Geek Launcher 1.0 beta 3 released

One small fix:
- [1928011] Uninstaller now checks if geeklauncher is running

One feature request:
- [1924673] The ability to add urls (http, https, ftp, telnet)
You can also drag and drop from IE and Firefox

Posted by Bert Hekman 2008-04-07

Geek Launcher 1.0 beta 2

When I released the first beta of Geek Launcher, 10 days ago, I wasn't expecting that I would receive any comments at all. But since my news item was on the frontpage of, I had 3 feature request and 1 bug report.
Geek launcher also ended up on softpedia, thanks to this.

I made some changes and fixed a few bugs, so now I've released beta 2.

- FIX [1927531] Error shutting down on XP
- FIX Notify icon showing "notifyIcon1" in stead of "Geek Launcher"
- ADD [1922720] Control interface font/icon size
- ADD Support for the browsing with the following keys: PageUp, PageDown, Home, End

Posted by Bert Hekman 2008-03-28

SmartIO.dll missing in 1.0 beta (source)

I was mailed that a resource dll file was missing while compiling Geek Launcher from source. So I checked it and found out that I forgot to add the file called SmartIO.dll, which is used for reading and writing to a stream.

The sourcefile in the download section now contains the dll file. The source for the dll file is available on my svn server:

Posted by Bert Hekman 2008-03-23

Geek Launcher: 1.0 beta released

Quickly launch applications with a few keystrokes.

First public beta release.

- Quicky launch applications
- Add application by dragging links into it
- Easly keyboard controllable
- Hotkey to show the launch screen (default: WinKey + Q)

Posted by Bert Hekman 2008-03-21

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