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Web Site up for looky at is our current site where were developing stuff, you can look, it's running django and right now it's just displaying a html page with no django stuff but what we did was still a big step. I will talk to trick about releasing sourcecode (like anybody cares :P) and hopefull we'll bring up forums or some sorta beta so we can have all our non-existent visitors come to the site and ... not do anything ... ok i'll shutup now

Posted by sqwishy 2007-03-20


I think I'm the only one interested in this project but, whatever. I've been trying to learn me a book about python and lookin at online tutorials. But i have no clue where to start with django... It's a long weekend this week so my brother said he would teach me some edumacation about django and maybe i'll get to upload some coo stuffs 8B

Posted by sqwishy 2007-01-18

Long time no news

I haven't updated the news in awhile because nothings really happening. I've been lazy and my brother has been working on other projects. This weekend, however; we actually got some work done :) and I learn some python :D
We used Gobby to work on our py file together, and I VNCed to his compy so i could see what he as lookinat n' stuff. It was pretty tight.

Posted by sqwishy 2006-12-11

Another Site Update

i've updated the thingy and its sexy now. The top part of the site is now more web 2.0 like (i think). i did almost all of it in inkscape instead of the gimp :) ... my next step is to assimilate the rest of the web site and make it pertyer. Go looky! And if you like our project please post something in the discussion down below :)

Posted by sqwishy 2006-11-05

Site update

As i speak I'm uploading a news site design. I changed the top of the page and tryied to give it a web 2.0 look ... i'm definently reconsidering changing the font. me and my brother may actually get some work done on this project tonight because he's comming home at 16:30 instead of 15min before bed time :P

Posted by sqwishy 2006-11-03

Geek Grep Template

I uploaded it and you can clicky clicky on the top right where it says project web site? or go

Posted by sqwishy 2006-11-02

In the Beggining...

so far all we have is a design for the site (that i made :D ), I think alantrick has started on the python code but I don't know how far he is. Hopefully I'll figure out how to upload the design this afternoon :P

Posted by sqwishy 2006-10-31