#3 Enhancements to LaTeX environment investigation


Mateus contributed these patches with the following message:

"[...] Nevertheless, I've made some progress in refining the environment.
There were some problems with my first patch, namely that the dialects
don't have a separate .ldf file in the babel package, but they are
loaded as options to the base language. So, when you checked the
existence of the files with kpsewhich, you excluded all dialects. To
get around this, I've just made a dummy function that adds the
dictionary to the resources without checking for the corresponding
files. This isn't a problem, as the babel package, with all its
languages, is required to be in the basic version of any LaTeX

There is a similar situation with the input encodings. There is no
need for checking, and when you check for *.def files you include font
encodings also. So I used the dummy function for it to.

Besides that, I've made a number of small improvements:

1 - Expanded the locales list, so that every language supported by
babel has a locale associated.

2 - Changed the default font encoding to T1 and the default font to
Latin Modern (except for greek and cyrillic). This way languages other
than english (including german ;) are hyphenated correctly, and the
look is not changed.

3 - Added rudimentary support for font selection. I've put only the
fonts that are supported by the basic psnfss, so there's no need for
checking to. To check for arbitrary fonts is a very messy business,
and I plan to do it someday.
One thing that bothers me is that the psnfss fonts are available only
in one family (roman, sans or mono), and I haven't found a good way to
make that obvious to the user. What I've done is overriding the user's
family selection with the family adequate for the font. What I think
that would be right to do is to make this change in the New LaTeX
Document dialog, so the user can see and override it.

4 - The \maketitle command disappeared. I've put it back. If it was
intentional, I'm sorry, but I really haven't understood why.

Attached there is a tarball with the patches. This time I've made proper diffs.
I hope they're useful. [...]"

Thanks a lot!


  • Michael Zeising

    Michael Zeising - 2009-02-21
  • Mateus Araújo

    Mateus Araújo - 2009-06-21

    Mr. Zeising,

    I noticed that you've made a new release, that still includes the bugs this patch was made to fix, four months ago. You even list them as fixed in the change log.

    I realise that this is a rather large and disparate patch. I could make a new one that fixes only the input encoding and babel package searching. Would you be interested?

    btw, i rather liked the user-defined templates, congrats. But I still haven't understood why isn't \maketitle in the default one.


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