#15 Autocomplete natbib citation commands


* This patch adds citation autocomplete for natbib commands (\\\\citet, \\\\citep, \\\\citet* and \\\\citep*)

Relevant bugs/feature requests:
* feature request #1837074


  • Dominik Fuchs

    Dominik Fuchs - 2010-08-20

    Patch on latex.xml

  • Dominik Fuchs

    Dominik Fuchs - 2010-08-20

    New version of patch. Addition of citealp, citealt, Citet, Citep, citeauthor and citenum commands.

  • Dominik Fuchs

    Dominik Fuchs - 2010-08-20

    Implemented natbib citation commands:
    \citep, \citep*, \citet, \citet*, \citealp, \citealp*, \citealt*, \citealt*
    \citeauthor, \citenum, \Citet, \Citep

    I am wondering, considering the amount of commands (which not everyone might use), would it be useful to split it from latex.xml, create a natbib.xml and provide this as an option?

  • José  Aliste

    José Aliste - 2010-08-24

    Hey, I think you need to split this in a natbib.xml file, since you need to include the natbib package so the commands are available. Instead of adding this as an option, I would investigate whether is possible for the Gedit-latex parser to detect which packages are being loaded by a certain file, then use that to load your xml file if the natbib package is loaded.


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