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LaTeX Plugin version 0.2 final available!

* fixed URL escaping issues [ 2979778 ]
* avoiding the column separator in the completion popup
* fixed crashes when activating/deactivating the plugin with (several) files open [ 2979394, 2929220 ]

* added \emph to font tools [ 2911558 ]
* \varnothing needs amssymb package
* switch to hyperref for PDF meta data [ 2809478 ]
* added hyperref package to latex.xml
* fixed memory leak when saving [ 2979799 ]
* fixed relative paths and extensions for inputs [ 2927409 ]... read more

Posted by Michael Zeising 2010-04-18

Gedit LaTeX Plugin version 0.2 rc3 available

* fixed crash in LaTeX validator
* warn instead of crash on '\include{file.tex}' [ 2749624 ]
* implemented user dictionary and improved spell checking configuration [ 2792874 ]
* removed duplicates from latex.xml [ 2869574 ]
* implemented template support ("Save As Template" and new from template)
* fixed DVI forward search issue [ 2884708 ]
* improved "New LaTeX Document" dialog [ 2897797 ]
* fixed the "Choose Master Document" dialog [ 2898996 ]
* improved the embedded PDF preview [ 2839668 ]... read more

Posted by Michael Zeising 2009-11-21

Gedit LaTeX Plugin version 0.2 rc1 available

The 1st release candidate of the 0.2 branch is out! Changes include:
* improved support for multi-file documents
* improved support for remote files
* reliable forward search in DVI files
* fully configurable highlight colors
* rudimentary BibTeX completion
and a lot of fixes...

See the ChangeLog or for details!

Posted by Michael Zeising 2009-01-09

Gedit LaTeX Plugin version 0.2 alpha 1 out for testing

The first alpha release of the new 0.2 branch is out for testing. The most important changes are:

* syntax checking of LaTeX and BibTeX (see "Issues" tab)
* validation of the document
* template concept for the code completion (switch between arguments with TAB) and for snippets (just press CTRL+SPACE somewhere in the source and you see what I mean)
* BibTeX style preview in the "Use Bibliography" wizard
* outline view follows the cursor and persists its state on parse
* grouping feature in BibTeX outline
* LaTeX-aware spell checking (experimental)... read more

Posted by Michael Zeising 2008-05-10

Gedit LaTeX Plugin version (bugfix) released

Changes include

* fixed image builder
* fixed completion of newcommands

Posted by Michael Zeising 2007-12-18

Gedit LaTeX Plugin version 0.1.3 released

Changes include:
* improved code completion
* much better BibTeX parser
* extended LaTeX definition
* dialog for inserting source code listings
* dialog for inserting BibTeX entries
* improved/fixed build procedure
* support for not-floating tables and graphics

Posted by Michael Zeising 2007-12-13

Gedit LaTeX Plugin version 0.1.2 released

Changes include:

* support for system-wide installation
* support for BibTeX outline view
* auto-hide the toolbar
* better handling of master/slave documents
* fixed some annoying behaviour of the code completion
* improved the build view
* shortened start-up time
* and a lot of minor changes...

Posted by Michael Zeising 2007-11-13

Gedit LaTeX Plugin version 0.1.1 released

Changes include:

* new auto closing of environment commands
* improved wizards
* support for syntax checking
* support for gedit 2.19.x
* many bugfixes

Posted by Michael Zeising 2007-09-15

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