#34 latex mode for non .tex files


Dear Latex-Plugin developers,

I guess that it is not a common request, but I have some particular needs and I think that it is not unreasonable, some other people might even be interested!
What I would like is a way to use the latex gedit plugin while editing non .tex files. Here are the reasons :

1. Sometimes, I want to edit package files (.sty) and class files (.cls), and i would like to use some latex plugin features, but I can't make it "activate".
2. Other reason (and the real one, actually) : I am starting to program quite a lot in Haskell, and more precisely in litterate Haskell (files : .lhs), which means that I create a latex file with a .lhs extension, then edit it and use the environment \begin{code} \end{code} to enclose Haskell code. The goal is to have a single file which can be compiled by LaTeX, and which can be compiled by Haskell. It is great for my mathematical work. However, if my file has a .lhs extension, I can't use the latex plugin features (even though it is totally compilable by latex), and if my file has a .tex extension, i can't compile it by Haskell

I searched on google, but couldn't find a way to do this,


  • Michael Zeising

    Michael Zeising - 2009-09-01

    This is fixed in SVN, you now may set the file extensions in preferences.xml

  • Michael Zeising

    Michael Zeising - 2009-09-01
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