pdflatex build errors/warnings in bottom pane

  • Michael Scholz

    Michael Scholz - 2010-11-19


    ubuntu 10.10, gedit 2.30, latex-plugin 0.2

    I recently switched from rubber to pdflatex and wonder how I can get errors and warnings displayed in the bottom pane. When I switch back to rubber it also does not work any more. How can I fix this, preferably for use with pdflatex?

    Thanks! Michi

  • Michael Zeising

    Michael Zeising - 2010-11-20

    Hi Michi,

    in the plugin's context, the "pdflatex" invocation is called a "job" and each "tool" consists of one or more jobs. The translation of a command's output to error messages is done by a "post processor". There is no user interface integration for specifying this post processor, yet. So you have to edit the "tools.xml" file and set the post processor of your pdflatex job to "LaTeXPostProcessor".


  • Michael Scholz

    Michael Scholz - 2010-11-20

    Thanks for you reply. You say there is no interface integration for specifying this post processor? In v0.2 I have the possibility to change the post processor, see screenshot . The changes I apply there are also visible in the tools.xml.
    However, now it works after just opening the tools.xml, reordering some tool IDs and saving.
    This plugin especially with synctex support is just awesome! Thanks a lot.



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