GEdit-Latex always asks for master file

  • Nosferax

    Nosferax - 2010-04-24

    Whenever I am editing a latex file and open up a second one, gedit-latex asks me for the master file, which is fine. The dialog is a little bit annoying because it forces me to find the file in the whole filesystem instead of just listing the already opened files, which would be much faster.

    Where it gets real bad is that I get asked for the master file EVERY TIME I open a new latex file. So every time I have to go track the "master" file in my whole filesystem.

    Is that the desired behavior ? Shouldn't just have to set the master file once ? Am I the only one experiencing/being bugged by  this ? Is there anyway to change this behavior ?

    I love using gedit-latex and would like to keep on using it but this is annoying…

    Thanks !

  • Nosferax

    Nosferax - 2010-04-25

    Thanks for opening up a feature request for me!

    Yes, some of the files I open are on a read-only location, so it might be half of the problem, if there is even one. I had been opening a lot of different/new files recently so I didn't even notice that there is a file saving itself at first.

    In fact I just don't understand why do you ask for the master file? Is it because you want to keep the document layout tab updated/correct? Because normally you don't need to know much to edit a latex file… unless you base the auto completion on included files?

    Because if it is, we need to file a new bug :) Using latex beamer I wasn't able to get completion on beamer classes like frame, frametitle and whatever else is in beamer. It doesn't bother me… but if it's broken it's broken.


  • John Kafka

    John Kafka - 2010-10-01

    I have this problem too. Until this week I had my thesis as a very large file and was never prompted for "Select Master Document". I have been working on this for months and find the LaTex plugin invaluable. Yesterday I decided to put each chapter into a separate .tex file (inside a folder) with the main tex file in a folder above (/phd/thesis.tex and /phd/tex/chapter.tex). Now everytime I load or save a tex I get prompted "Select Master Document". From my own investigations it seems that the LaTex plugin is losing the templates folder and reverting to a higher folder (/plugins/ or /gedit/ - there doesn't seem much reason to it).

    All in all it's pretty irritating because saving the document brings up the prompt. Hope someone can help.

  • Nosferax

    Nosferax - 2010-10-01

    Typically, once you select your thesis.tex document as the master document and save, there should be appear file in the folder and the latex-plugin should stop asking you for the master file.

  • John Kafka

    John Kafka - 2010-10-01

    Thank you nosferax. That has worked out perfectly.

  • Simon Hammersley

    hi i dont know if this is related or not but i was working on a file today and every time i went to save it it would ask me for the master file again.

    i was working on a file on another computer (accessing the file through sftp) so im not sure if that was the cause of it either.


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