Cork board and scriveniver functionality

  • Michele Mattioni

    Dear all,

    I'm really enjoying using this plugin which makes gedit one of the top LaTeX IDE out there.

    One really useful addition, according to me, would be to develop an interface like scrivener

    Especially for Thesis or book, they are organized using the inputs text, so we can use the \input command to insert a new tex file in the master document.

    It would be cool to store this in a project fashion with the possibility to tag also the status of it.

    I would like to know your opinion on this.

  • Anonymous - 2010-11-25

    I can't speak to the feasibility of adding this to the GEdit Latex plugin, but you may be interested to know that Rob Oakes is working on this functionality for Lyx - see Given that Lyx aims to be a Latex without the fiddly bits, this may be right for you once it's properly released. He has a beta available now: see his website.


  • Michele Mattioni

    Hi james,

    I know Lyx-Outline, however I need to have complete control on my LaTeX-env and with Lyx  things get a bit messy.

    Having this on Gedit will be a killer feature, according to me.


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