#67 LaTeX cache uses wrong filename



Thank you for this promising tool.

After I upgraded to 0.2rc1 gedit started failing to detecting some of my earlier latex documents therefore not activating the latex plugin options.

Here is the console output requested by Michael Zeising:
user@host:~/Desktop$ gedit slidesChTwelve.tex
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/user/.gnome2/gedit/plugins/GeditLaTeXPlugin/src/base/decorators.py", line 621, in _on_load
File "/home/user/.gnome2/gedit/plugins/GeditLaTeXPlugin/src/base/decorators.py", line 673, in _adjust_editor
editor_class.__init__(self._editor, self, file)
File "/home/user/.gnome2/gedit/plugins/GeditLaTeXPlugin/src/base/__init__.py", line 358, in __init__
self.init(file, self._window_context)
File "/home/user/.gnome2/gedit/plugins/GeditLaTeXPlugin/src/latex/editor.py", line 100, in init
File "/home/user/.gnome2/gedit/plugins/GeditLaTeXPlugin/src/latex/editor.py", line 258, in __parse
expander.expand(self._document, self._file, self, self.charset)
File "/home/user/.gnome2/gedit/plugins/GeditLaTeXPlugin/src/latex/expander.py", line 56, in expand
File "/home/user/.gnome2/gedit/plugins/GeditLaTeXPlugin/src/latex/expander.py", line 83, in _expand
fragment = self._document_cache.get_document(File(filename), self._charset, self._issue_handler)
File "/home/user/.gnome2/gedit/plugins/GeditLaTeXPlugin/src/latex/cache.py", line 130, in get_document
entry = self.Entry(file, charset)
File "/home/user/.gnome2/gedit/plugins/GeditLaTeXPlugin/src/latex/cache.py", line 72, in __init__
File "/home/user/.gnome2/gedit/plugins/GeditLaTeXPlugin/src/latex/cache.py", line 93, in synchronize
self.__mtime = self.__file.mtime
File "/home/user/.gnome2/gedit/plugins/GeditLaTeXPlugin/src/base/__init__.py", line 1094, in mtime
return getmtime(self.path)
File "/usr/lib/python2.5/posixpath.py", line 143, in getmtime
return os.stat(filename).st_mtime
OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/user/Desktop/slideContent.tex.tex'



  • Michael Zeising

    Michael Zeising - 2009-04-16

    Is there a file named '/home/user/Desktop/slideContent.tex.tex'?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Same problem here. Upgraded from Ubuntu intrepid to jaunty which included the new gedt-latex-plugin. Now, newly created latex documents work fine, but opening my old ones, all Latex related entries in the Tools menu are greyed out, and the Latex menu is missing entirely. Highlighting works fine though! I found this workaround for now: If you open a newly created Latex document (via the File menu entry "New Latex Document..." in another gedit tab, i.e. additionaly to the file you are really working on, the Latex menu entries appear and also work for your real file.

    Cheers, maddox

  • Michael Zeising

    Michael Zeising - 2009-05-01
    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Trap Blitzen

    Trap Blitzen - 2009-05-04

    I also have the same problem. And my console output looks much the same as above. I am using Ubuntu 9.04.

    Just wanted to say that I was having the same problem.


  • conehead

    conehead - 2009-06-04


    i noticed this bug aswell. When opening the file thesis.tex i get the error:
    OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'somepath/abstract.tex.tex'

    There is no file abstract.tex.tex but a file abstract.tex
    thesis.tex is the master document for abstract.tex

    When i open new created latex documents it seems to work well.

    Hope this helps and thanks for the plugin!

  • Michael Zeising

    Michael Zeising - 2009-06-09
    • priority: 7 --> 9
    • summary: Document is failed to be detected as latex document --> LaTeX cache uses wrong filename
    • assigned_to: nobody --> m_zeising
    • labels: 1012964 --> LaTeX Parser
  • Michael Zeising

    Michael Zeising - 2009-06-10

    Okay, solution found:

    you're including child documents with \include{child.tex} instead of \include{child} but the extension should always be omitted in this case (not my idea, it's LaTeX). I'm using the TeX Live distribution and it doesn't allow me to add the extension.

    The plugin crashes because it always adds this extension when searching for the child document and fails when using the *.tex.tex for the mtime call. So I'll make this more robust and you should check if that extension is allowed :)

  • Michael Zeising

    Michael Zeising - 2009-09-01

    Extensions should be omitted but are now handled correctly (there's warning)

  • Michael Zeising

    Michael Zeising - 2009-09-01
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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