#157 In response to "Problem with snippet - ID: 3500429"


Sorry, but I don't seem to find a way to respond to any bug, so I've decided to just start a new one (sorry for any inconvenience).

So, I encountered the same problem as Problem with snippet - ID: 3500429 (https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3500429&group_id=204144&atid=988428). It seems that at least in Ubuntu there's something wrong with the gedit package, it's missing the Gedit.py file.

So I've just
"apt-get source gedit"
and then
"sudo cp gedit-{ver}/gedit/Gedit.py /usr/share/pyshared/gi/overrides/Gedit.py"
after that
"sudo ln -s /usr/share/pyshared/gi/overrides/Gedit.py /usr/lib/python{ver}/dist-packages/gi/overrides/Gedit.py"

But then, the Gedit Latex Plugin gave another kind of error:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/lib/gedit/plugins/latex/action.py", line 60, in <lambda>
self._handler = self._internal_action.connect("activate", lambda gtk_action, action: action.activate(window_context), self)
File "/usr/lib/gedit/plugins/latex/latex/actions.py", line 59, in activate
context.active_editor.insert(LaTeXSource(self.snippet_source, self.packages))
File "/usr/lib/gedit/plugins/latex/latex/editor.py", line 132, in insert
Editor.insert(self, source.source)
File "/usr/lib/gedit/plugins/latex/editor.py", line 313, in insert
SnippetManager().insert_at_cursor(self, str(source))
File "/usr/lib/gedit/plugins/latex/snippetmanager.py", line 52, in insert_at_cursor
self.insert(editor, iter, text)
File "/usr/lib/gedit/plugins/latex/snippetmanager.py", line 38, in insert
snippet=text, iter=iter, view=view)
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gi/overrides/Gedit.py", line 27, in send
msg = self.create(object_path, method, **kwargs)
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gi/overrides/Gedit.py", line 18, in create
return GObject.new(tp, **kwargs)
TypeError: gobject `snippets+windowactivatable+Activate' doesn't support property `snippet'

To fix this, I just went to the snippetmanager.py file and commented out the error producing part:
def insert(self, editor, iter, text):
view = editor.tab_decorator.tab.get_view()
#window = view.get_toplevel()
#bus = window.get_message_bus()

#if bus.is_registered('/plugins/snippets', 'parse-and-activate'):
# bus.send('/plugins/snippets', 'parse-and-activate',
# snippet=text, iter=iter, view=view)
# LOG.info("Inserted using snippets plugin")
buf = view.get_buffer()

buf.insert(iter, text)
LOG.info("Inserted without snippets plugin")

Until a better way of doing this is found, I'll stick with this one.

Hope this helps you guys.


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