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Debian package

I've added a Debian package contributed by firework.


Posted by Peter Verthez 2004-11-12

Release 0.90.0

I've made a new release of the Gedcom parser library. Since the
interface should now be complete (barring bug fixes and requests),
I've gone to beta and bumped up the release number closer towards

See the NEWS file for a description of the changes (and some
backward incompatibilities).

Compatibility with existing programs (notably PAF) should be
much better now, although I guess there is still a lot of work in
that area.... read more

Posted by Peter Verthez 2003-02-02

Release 0.20.0

Hi all,

There is a new release of the Gedcom parser library (0.20.0).
It contains for the first time write support for Gedcom files; have a look at the
News file for all the new features.

The next release will add functions to update the Gedcom object model more
easily (add or remove individuals, families, notes, ...).

Happy New Year!

Posted by Peter Verthez 2002-12-30

Another test release

I've created another test release (0.17.2) for portability tests.
See the previous News message for instructions...

Note that there is also a new release of libiconv-gedcom (1.8.2), which
contains a fix for libiconv on MacOS X (at least for the platform in the
compile farm of SourceForge).

Posted by Peter Verthez 2002-10-28

libiconv test release

Hi all,

I've made a test release (0.17.1) of the gedcom parser library with support for
GNU libiconv (for systems that don't have glibc).

See for details about that library.
Please use this test release only for testing out the libiconv support; for
normal purposes you should stick with the 0.17 release. I haven't updated
any documentation also, so here is some guidance:... read more

Posted by Peter Verthez 2002-10-05

A release and a call for help

This week I've released version 0.17 of the Gedcom

The main new feature is the addition of a C object
model. If you would compare the callback parser
to the SAX interface of XML, then the C object
model is comparable to the DOM interface of XML.
In many ways, the C object model is easier to use,
but it is a little less flexible.

See the NEWS file in the distribution for some
interface changes (and backward incompabilities)
that are caused by this.... read more

Posted by Peter Verthez 2002-09-16

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