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first feeling...

  • Daniel Durand

    Daniel Durand - 2008-03-01


    I just test your soft : I think it could be very interesting. Even it is in the begining of the devlopment, it has many features implemented.
    It seems to have a good management of sources...
    Please continue !
    I tried it with a small test gedcom.-15 individuals)
    Naturally, it crashes with large files (30 000 indi).
    Two suggestions for easier work in testing phase :
    - it often crashes so it good be useful to have a feature in File menu like "last files opened" to avoid to search again the pathe of your gedcom file..
    - it opens news windows for some functions : during the tests, it could be also very useful to have a button "cancel" or "return" unlike to clic on the right high corner of the window.

    I will send you later others proposals but it seems better to wait a moment more stabilization and the ability to open more large gedcoms...
    (may be also an help to translate into French...)
    Good luck !

    Daniel Durand
    FAQ non-offcielle pour GenJ :
    Portail découverte de GenJ pour néophytes :

    • David A Knight

      David A Knight - 2008-03-02

      The crashing is interesting.  My main test file contains about 25,000 so the size shouldn't matter at all.  It is more likely there is something in your data that is causing the crash, either invalid gedcom, or more likely my code isn't quite right :)  If possible could you mail me any test files that crash?  Obviously these files may contain personal data on real people you may not want to divulge so it is understandable if you do not want to do this.

      As to the app, yes it does need a recent files, currently it is more of a test bed to get all the backend working to a satisfactory standard before actually making it something that can be used seriously.


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