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GeCHI Overlay / News: Recent posts

Live ebuilds now use KEYWORDS=""

For users that are using our overlay for live ebuilds, note that now we use KEYWORDS="" instead of KEYWORDS="-*", because this is the new way chosen by official gentoo developers. For furthermore details see

So to unmask these ebuilds you have to use:
<atom> **
instead of
<atom> -*
in package.keywords.

This works with portage >=2.1.2 (currently marked stable).

Posted by Luca Marturana 2007-02-17

portage-bashrc-ng 0.14 released

New release for this software.
- compatible with sys-apps/portage-2.1.2 series
- improved and optimized module 'tmpfs'
- a lot of bug fixes for module 'tmpfs'
- module 'tmpfs' is now able to detect and fix prviously interrupted merge processes
- improved module 'perpackage'
- fixed some minor bugs for bashrc
- first eselect implementation for bashrc-ng modules

Posted by Mauro 2007-02-14

Elogv 0.5 released

Elogv 0.5 was released, improved usability and added same new features, see all details here:

Posted by Luca Marturana 2006-11-10

Starting up the overlay tree

Finally we started this ever wanted overlay tree for the italian community of Gentoo. You can participate to the discussion forum that can be found at: (in italian). Feel free to contribute and submit bug reports as soon you start syncing.

Posted by Matteo 'Peach' Pescarin 2006-09-09