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First release candidate of Gebix v0.7

This first release candidate of Gebix v0.7 may not differ much from FreeBSD 8.1, but this is only a start. The stable release of Gebix v0.7 will not officially support the legacy BIOS, unlike most other open source operating systems. New core driver framework, functional EFI boot loader, and system API may not be in Gebix v0.7 yet, but they'll start becoming experimental in the next release candidate.... read more

Posted by George Brady 2011-02-13

Gebix v0.6 kernel finalized and available

EDIT: I forgot to mention that Gebix no longer offers the Apache License v2 as an option because it is essentially a version of the three-clause BSD License that is incompatible with the GNU GPLv2. I'm sorry about that.

I have enabled the file system calls in Gebix 0.6 and also removed all of the unnecessary directories and files from the source code, so now it's just the kernel. I also plan on making specialized boot loaders to include with the source code for Gebix v0.6.1, including one for running Gebix on EFI-based computers that aren't backwards compatible with IBM/legacy PC BIOS system calls, and another libpayload-based boot loader for coreboot-based systems.... read more

Posted by George Brady 2010-12-03

Gebix and Genki to eventually merge

Seeing that Gebix may probably be more successful than Genki, despite Genki being the more serious UNIX-based operating system and having more compatibility whereas Gebix is currently stuck with GRUB and the IBM/legacy PC BIOS, I'm planning on making both projects more and more similar to each other (starting with making the Genki kernel multi-boot compliant so that it can boot straight from the GRUB boot loader and making Gebix able to boot straight from any EFI-based computer without having to rely on EFI GRUB) until they both work the same way, after which I will release the one with the cleaner code base as Gebix v0.7.... read more

Posted by George Brady 2010-11-12

Genki SDK 0.1 Release Candidate 1 available

The include files and libraries are now in place; now all that's left to implement is a set of binary utilities; a Make utility; an assembler that can understand and cross-compile any application from and to x86, x86-64, ARM, PowerPC, MIPS, and SPARC with just two easy-to-use parameters; C, C++, and Objective-C compilers; and possibly two core integrated development environments for using the toolkit: one for the X Window System, and the other for the new Wayland display server.... read more

Posted by George Brady 2010-11-12

Project Genki kernel 0.1 RC1 now available

Project Genki is now officially available as source code, so it requires the BSD operating system to compile it (OpenBSD is recommended as this Genki release is based on OpenBSD). And, it is under the GNU LGPLv2.1 and only the LGPLv2.1 because I finally figured out that the dual-licensing schemes I tried would only hurt Gebix more than help it, hence why I chose only the LGPL for the kernel itself, which is the only part of Genki that's available at the moment, and the official Genki core SDK will also be under the GNU LGPLv2.1. However, the official Genki SDK will not be based on any part of the GNU Toolchain, but software developers will still be able to develop Genki applications using the GNU software development toolchain instead.... read more

Posted by George Brady 2010-11-05

Gebix now a hobby, and first Genki details

Gebix hasn't been a successful operating system for anything other than just a hobby, so I've been working on a brand new, more serious operating system behind the scenes, which is codenamed "Genki" and based on the OpenBSD operating system, as a back-up plan for when Gebix ultimately fails. Project Genki is not available yet, so not all the details will be released about it before the release of the source code, but it will have its own original system calls and the 32-bit and 64-bit x86 versions will support EFI, coreboot, and what's currently known as Project Spica and use the firmwares' capabilities to their full potential, and Genki will be an original yet fully UNIX-compatible core operating system. I haven't specified a release date for the official Genki source code, so I'll release it when I release it.... read more

Posted by George Brady 2010-10-26

Second release candidate of Gebix 0.6 release

This new release adds the ability to output text in color through the use of a system call and an opportunity for a built-in C Standard Library implementation along with the directory foundations for a few other libraries. I have yet to find a way to make Gebix able to open, read, write, erase, and close files and access and delete directories using system calls without using a virtual file system.... read more

Posted by George Brady 2010-10-01

Release candidate 1 of Gebix 0.6 now available

Gebix 0.6 now has more than just the Gebix kernel itself: it also has a built-in custom C Standard Library implementation, a built-in emergency shell for when one isn't available on the hard drive, and instead of being entirely under GNU licenses, you, the developers, can choose between the GNU LGPLv2.1 and the Apache License v2 so that everyone has a choice of whether to make an entirely open source Gebix distribution or a completely proprietary Gebix-based operating system, and I still wanted to have enough restrictions to prevent abuse of my Gebix project. I'll apply the same dual-licensing scheme to future releases of Open G-Net, GLoader, and Project Spica.... read more

Posted by George Brady 2010-09-04

Fixed the project description and more.

I'm sorry about that last project description for Gebix: making a bigger operating system out of a core operating system is never easy for non-programmers to do, so I've changed it to make it much more accurate, and making Gebix easy for programmers to make distributions of is my goal. Now, on to what's to come for the next Gebix release.

First thing, a dual-licensing model. The next Gebix release will give users the option to use and modify Gebix under the GNU LGPLv2.1 or the Apache License v2 so that both corporations and the open source community will have much less to worry about. The second thing I'd like to announce for newer releases is a command line shell to be built right into the kernel itself, so that it can be used in case of an emergency or as a pre-development environment for OS distribution development. Of course, that doesn't mean that the shell will be very complete starting next release, but at least a built-in shell that can actually do something is a good start!... read more

Posted by George Brady 2010-08-09

Gebix now has its own official logo

I have finally made the official logo for the Gebix core operating system: a stained glass cube with stainless steel edges, and a glossy star inside.


Posted by George Brady 2010-08-04

Gebix kernel 0.5 is now available.

I have also decided to change Gebix into just the kernel and release any other core components separately in order to simplify the development of the operating system itself and make it easier to make larger operating systems out of it.


Posted by George Brady 2010-07-29