jabss - 2007-05-19


I've downloaded the source and compiled on a kubuntu 7.04 system and all looked fine. When I ran I couldn't see the maggeo output type. It executed ok on other types. I then checked the source, which seemed neat although I'm not a c++ developer myself just php and c, and on line 2185 of SettingsManager.cpp it has the type as :

SystemSettings->beginGroup( "maggeo" );
SystemSettings->setValue( "Name", tr( "Magellan Explorist Geocaching waypoints (extension: .gs)." ) );

but for some reason it doesn't appear in the output drop-down. I'm not sure where to look as I can't see why this wouldn't appear whereas the other ones do. As I'm using a Magellan Explorist this format is very useful to me.

Btw, I only came across your program by accident as it's not mentioned on the gpsbabel.org website at all as far as I can see. Being a GNU/Linux user I was wondering why there wasn't a gui to support it but now I can see there is.

Thanks for any help.

Can test on this system if it would be of any use. Also am not sure if this is the easiest way of contacting but there are no mailing lists active and no email addresses on the gebabbel site as I can see.

Manchester, UK.