On 11/04/2010 10:49 PM, Geoffrey Biggs wrote:
The main change in this release is a revamped hokuyo_aist library, with
a new API and some important efficiency improvements.

A list of all changes is here:


Hi Geoff,

I noticed that in one of your commits the licensing of hokuyo_aist changed to EPL.  I remember reading somewhere that the EPL is incompatible with the GPL, so I started to do some digging.  Based on section 3 in [1], it looks like any GPL program that's linked with EPL code cannot be redistributed.  If this is the case, then distributions can't, for instance, redistribute Player (which has GPL bits) built against hokuyo_aist from Gearbox 10.11.  This point of view is backed up in [2].  Is there any possibility of dual-licensing it as LGPL + EPL or something?

It does look like the LGPL is compatible with the EPL, but I can't find as much information on that


[1] http://dev.eclipse.org/blogs/mike/2010/04/06/epl-gpl-commentary/
[2] http://www.eclipse.org/legal/eplfaq.php#GPLCOMPATIBLE