I am creating the packages gearbox and gearbox-devel.  The base gearbox package only contains the LICENSE file and the versioned libraries.  The -devel package contains the plain .so files, the pkg-config scripts, the include headers, the code for the example programs (installed at ${prefix}/share), and the doxygen-generated documentation (which looks to be a mirror of your project site).  With build-examples enabled, the compiled binaries try to install themselves to ${prefix}/bin, but i opt not to include those, as the source is readily available at ${prefix}/share should anyone need them.
As it stands, I can only target i386 and x86_64.  Ice is not built for ppc64 in Fedora (because of many missing deps), so that arch is out.  And the ppc termios bits don't include CIBAUD, which causes the gbxserialacfr/serial.cpp build to fail (line 285).  x86_64 is another story, since libraries should be installed to lib64 instead of lib, but I'm working on adding cmake logic to detect the host processor and set the path accordingly.  Most of it I fixed by changing the libdir in SetupDirectories.cmake, but i still have to fix the generated pkg-config scripts and figure out where the path for gearbox-config*.cmake is being set (it seems to be separate from the rest of the project).  I'll probably end up grepping through the files for hardcoded /lib/ paths and adjusting them as necessary.
On Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 11:21 PM, Alex Makarenko <alexei.mak@gmail.com> wrote:
> another clarification regarding the gearbox-config*.cmake and
> gearbox-targets*.cmake files.
> they are used when you
> a) build another project which relies on gearbox, and
> b) that project also uses CMake
> therefore, these files could be part of a "gearbox-dev" package,
> similar to header files. are you planning on putting together a dev
> package?
> alex
> On 10/12/09, Alex Makarenko <alexei.mak@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Rich,
>> thanks for taking this on.
>>> 2. Is there any reason the cmake files are installed into the
>>> /$prefix/lib/gearbox and not somewhere like $prefix/share/cmake/Modules?
>>>   That seems to be where most packages put their CMake files.
>> The CMake files installed in the lib directory are the special files
>> related to package-config, a mechanism for one CMake project depend on
>> another. We use this extensively.
>> The recommended installation point for these is in fact:
>> ${PREFIX}/lib/myproj/myproj-targets.cmake
>> see
>> http://www.itk.org/Wiki/CMake_2.6_Notes#Exporting_from_an_Installation_Tree
>> cheers,
>> alex
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