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Geany 0.10.1 has been released

We just released Geany 0.10.1 which is a bugfix release. So no new features got in but many bugfixes . Also some translations were updated and a new translation for Finnish was added.

Posted by Enrico Tröger 2007-02-23

Geany 0.10 has been released!

We have just released Geany 0.10. It has some great new features, many small improvements and several bugfixes. Check it out.

Posted by Enrico Tröger 2006-12-21

Geany 0.7.1 has been released

Geany 0.7.1 is a bugfix release. Additionally, the license file for the included Scintilla library was added. New translations for Spanish, Belarussian and Russian were added, too.

Posted by Enrico Tröger 2006-06-25

Geany 0.7 is out!

Geany 0.7 was just released. With some interesting new features and lots of fixed bugs. Check it out!

Posted by Enrico Tröger 2006-06-04

Geany 0.6 is out!

Finally, after a long time, Geany has been released and it has some interesting new features. Check it out.

Posted by Enrico Tröger 2006-05-06

Geany 0.5 is available

Geany 0.5 is available for download. This is mainly a bugfix release and contains only less feature enhancements. Please read the release notes on the download page for details. Happy Coding.

Posted by Enrico Tröger 2006-01-27

Geany 0.4 is out

Geany 0.4 is out and comes with lots of changes. Please read the release notes on the download page for details. There have been also some bugfixes, so an update is recommend. Have fun with it and happy Christmas.

Posted by Enrico Tröger 2005-12-21

Sourceforge project startet

Geany has now a Sourceforge project. ;-)
You can use the bug tracker and the forums if you found any bugs or need any help.
All files will released here and there is also an up-to-date CVS version available.

Posted by Enrico Tröger 2005-11-21