#731 Use project pref for activated plugins and preference


I use geany for many different things, and often in the same time (developing in C++, in python, in fortran, open a csv data file, writing reports in latex, etc) and all this stuff doesn't need the same configuration of geany. For example, in fortran, the marker for long line is very useful when it can be annoying for all other filetypes. But also, I don't use the same plugins for every kind of work : in latex, I love the autosave plugin and I found useful to save very often when I prefer being more careful on development stuff.

Thus, I don't know very well how you can do that, but it could be very useful to have the possibility to have different settings for different stuff. Maybe in the project settings, maybe with filetype...


  • Lex Trotman

    Lex Trotman - 2014-07-17

    Geany does not know what plugins do, so it can't enable/disable them, but plugins can and should disable themselves if the current document is not a type that is relevant to them.

    Yes the overall settings system could be far more flexible (and complex), but "somebody" has to do it :)

  • Colomban Wendling

    You can work this around using different configuration directories and specifying which one to use using the -c command line option, and launching different instances (with -i if at the same time)

    To ease use of that, a terminal user could create aliases (like alias geany-fortran="geany -c ~/.config/geany-fortran", alias geany-whatever="-c ~/.config/geany-whatever"), or a desktop guy could create alternate Desktop files.

    Last edit: Colomban Wendling 2014-07-17
    • Sigmun

      Sigmun - 2014-07-22

      In fact, this work around is exactly what I am asking from Geany.

      Of course, I understand that need time and dev to do it, but this is a Feature Request, isn't it ? ;-)


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