#721 Ability to customize the Geany window title


It would be useful to have the ability to change/customize the Geany main window title. Just something simple in preferences, where the default would look like "%f - %d - Geany".

Running Geany 1.24.1 on Arch Linux (x86_64)


  • Mathieu Jobin

    Mathieu Jobin - 2014-05-25

    just curious, for what purpose? what other info would you like to add in the title?

    • dennis waters

      dennis waters - 2014-05-25

      So that I can see on my "taskbar" at a quick look, which one is the Geany window. As it provides a tabbed interface, I'll never have more than one window open... so removing the file name, and just leaving "Geany" as the title (or just switching them around if this request is denied) would be much easier for me.

      Currently, as the filename is first, the entry can just show things like "update-udev-rul..."

      Last edit: dennis waters 2014-05-25
  • Josh Nijenhuis

    Josh Nijenhuis - 2016-02-16

    Its also nice to have the project name first, in XFCE grouping window buttons or not, it cuts off the filename.. would be nice to have project name first so that instead of waiting for tooltip to come up you can just quickly click on your project. I usually have a geany window per project. When I want to switch I think what project window to go to, its quicker than, What file belongs to which project? quickly in your head... And I am sure some people would like to put the directory first and so on...


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