#709 Copy Line without selection


Could the current line be copied when Copy (Ctrl-C) is done without selection?
I know it can be done with Ctrl-Shift-C but Ctrl-C is easier.

BTW, how does one copy multiple lines with Ctrl-Shift-C?


  • Steven Valsesia

    Steven Valsesia - 2014-03-05

    Hi !

    You can change that setting in Edit -> Preferences -> keybindings if you want.

    BTW -> How to you want to copy multiple lines without selection since the soft don't know which one you want to copy ?

    Maybe I miss understood, can you be more specific ?

  • Olaf van der Spek

    Can I bind both normal copy and line copy to Ctrl-C?
    If so, I'd still like that to be the default.

  • Colomban Wendling

    • status: open --> rejected
  • Colomban Wendling

    Changing the default behavior of <Ctrl>C will not be accepted. See discussion at https://github.com/geany/geany/pull/197

    About copying multiple lines, just select these multiple lines, and <Ctrl><Shift>C (or whatever it has been rebound to) will copy all selected lines.

  • Olaf van der Spek

    Could you then add an option to have the requested behavior? I find it really useful in my normal editors (UltraEdit and Visual Studio).

  • miki qex

    miki qex - 2015-03-02

    This "smart copy/cut" is really convenient and it could be optional, like smart home key option, so it shouldn't do any harm to users who don't want it.


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