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I know this is a long shot, but I was wondering what the chances are that Geany will ever support KIO. I have only one reason why Geany should support it: gvfs sucks. Back in the days, when KDE 3 was the latest KDE I used Quanta with KIO to open files via sftp and I never had any problems with it. But now, I use Geany and it's weakness is gvfs. I'm on KDE4 so I guess I wouldn't need to install anything extra, the libs are already there.
Anyway, I would like some opinions; if anyone wonders I will give a more detailed description why I don't like gvfs and why kio would be a better choice.


  • Colomban Wendling

    Short answer: no.

    First, Geany is written using GTK and GLib, and we won't make it depend on KDE stuff -- just like we won't make it depend on GNOME stuff. Then, we don't actually use GIO. We probably should do one day, but we currently don't, and if it's possible to access GVFS remote file systems it's because of gvfs-fuse, a GVFS module that creates local mounts of remote GVFS mounts. If KIO has the same thing, you could probably quite easily make use of it -- at worst you'll need to access the remote files explicitly through the local mount.

    Also, from a non-Geany POV, if GIO has some problems, maybe you should try to get GIO fixed, it'd benefit every GIO-using apps -- yes I know GIO guys aren't the highest responsive ones around. And maybe, write a GIO modules providing access through KIO if KIO is so much better.

  • Colomban Wendling

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