#621 Keep Geany open if terminal running

Edwin Lee

I use the terminal in geany everyday. Occasionally I write a script that will be time intensive. Since I use geany anyway, I just let it run in the terminal...very nice.

On rare occasion, I get a little trigger-happy and close geany without realizing that my script/program is still running. Typically a terminal emulator will warn that a process is still running, but geany doesn't complain and closes, at which point I smack my head, open a terminal and start over.

Not a huge deal, but it would be nice if geany could check whether the terminal is running a sub-process and make sure the user is OK to close anyway. A check-box on the dialog could be used ("don't warn me again") to silence for people who don't want it in the way.

Thanks so much!

(Not that it probably matters much, but I am running geany git (2d83a85) on Ubuntu 12.04.)


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