#474 'toggle switch to terminal / editor' action


08:37:12: Geany INFO : Geany 0.20 (svn >= r5478), en_US.UTF-8
08:37:12: Geany INFO : GTK 2.20.1, GLib 2.24.1, GIO

Couldn't find a way to re-open #2994934 [1], so I'm duping it.
[1] https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=2994934&group_id=153444&atid=787794

As Enrico pointed out, Geany already provides 'Switch to editor' bound to F2 and 'Switch to VTE' bound to F4. However, this still makes for an awkward combination when switching often from the editor to the embedded terminal and back. For the original reporter, urlwolf, this concerned ERPLs; for me it's working with R.

It would greatly improve my welfare :) if I could simply assign a 'toggle switch to terminal / editor' action to F1, and use only one binding for the switch.

A less trivial fix, in case the argument "why not a 'toggle switch to sidebar / scribble' action?" arises, would be to provide a toggle.on / toggle.off switch that would allow to create toggle bindings for random actions. (See an implementation of this in emelFM2.)

What do you think?


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