#3 Customizable App Switcher Feature

Mike McKee

Note that I'm not talking about the "View the current
file in the browser" feature -- this is something

Most of the time when I develop a website, I load both
the IDE and my web browser. Over the years, my web
browser on Linux has changed from Mozilla, to Opera, to

It would be nice if I could have a menu item and a
toolbar button I could choose and it would
automatically find in my GNOME session an open web
browser and switch to it as the topmost window. Then,
in the preferences dialog, I could customize a text
field to tell it what to look for when it switches the
app. That way, if some people prefer Opera, they can
type in "opera" and it will know to switch to that app

Note I don't want to load another instance of Firefox,
just switch to it. (However, an even cooler feature
would be that if it detected Firefox was not already
loaded, it would load it for me if my preferences is
filled out correctly.)

I also don't need it to tell my Firefox to go to a
specific page -- I can do that myself.


  • Enrico Tröger

    Enrico Tröger - 2006-03-11

    Logged In: YES

    I've thought about it. And this is nothing which Geany
    should do. Write a little shell script which finds a running
    browser and send it some kind of signal(dbus or dcop) and
    that's it. This script is run by Geany if you enter it as
    In the next weeks I will rewrite the whole building stuff in
    Geany and perhaps there will be a better solution.

  • Enrico Tröger

    Enrico Tröger - 2006-03-11
    • assigned_to: nobody --> eht16
    • status: open --> closed

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