#204 Update to #2129020 - dynamic line margin width

Jason Oster

First, I can't attach the new patch to the old report because sf.net is broken (doesn't allow users to attach files unless they own the report! blah) Sorry about that!

I've updated the patch to be just a bit more efficient! Now using the SCN_MODIFIED notification when text is added or removed. Also, only updating the width when the line count increases or decreases exponentially. That means, it's updated after lines 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000 ... etc.

I'm not sure what happens after the gint overflows at line 10,000,000,000 ... ;)


  • Jason Oster

    Jason Oster - 2008-09-25

    Another update! Fixes a bug with lines exactly at a power of 10. Also only check if it needs to update if lines were added or removed.
    File Added: geany_auto_update_margin.patch

  • Jason Oster

    Jason Oster - 2008-09-25

    Moved away from the global static variable. Now keeping track of the line count in the GeanyDocument structures. Is this a good idea? Nick, Enrico? It fixes some silly bugs with adding/removing lines to/from multiple documents.
    File Added: geany_auto_update_margin.patch

  • Nick Treleaven

    Nick Treleaven - 2008-09-26
    • assigned_to: nobody --> ntrel
    • summary: Update to #2129020 --> Update to #2129020 - dynamic line margin width
  • Nick Treleaven

    Nick Treleaven - 2008-09-29
    • status: open --> closed
  • Nick Treleaven

    Nick Treleaven - 2008-09-29

    Now applied in SVN, works great.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Nice solution, using a private document structure. :)


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