#892 Column is not preserved on Up/Down/PageUp/PageDown

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I am running Geany 1.22 on Fedora 17 x86_64, installed from official repo (with all the updates). "Virtual spaces" set to "always". (This is a killer feature to me — when I press down key I expect the cursor will move strictly vertically, with no crazy jumps to left and right if the next line is shorter than current one. Very few Linux editors (probably, they are all based on Scintilla) provides such behaviour -- thanks to Geany!) There are few minor inconsistencies:

1. PageUp/PageDown. The cursor is in the middle of the text. Let say it is in column N. I press PageUp several times, cursor goes up page by page, up to the first line, but it remains in column N. If I press PageUp few more times, the cursor will stay in line 1, column N. That's completely correct. Now let us move down, and press PageDown few times. The cursor goes down up to the last page. If no more pages left, the cursor jumps to the last line column 1. This is wrong. I believe the cursor should stick to column N. (BTW, pressing Up key moves the cursor one line up and column N.)

2. Up/Down. The same experiment, but using Up and Down keys. If the cursor is in the first line, pressing Up does not change line but moves the cursor to the column 1. Subsequent Down moves the cursor to the line 2 and jumps it to the column N. I believe the cursor should stick to column N. The same is about the last line: Down in the last line does not change line but moves the cursor to the column 1. Subsequent Up moves the cursor one line up and jumps it back to the column N.


  • Colomban Wendling

    I confirm the behavior on the last line with the development version, but not on the first one. For me going up never goes to the first column, either using pageup or up. However yes, going down will finally move to the first column on the last line. Actually, it first goes to the correct column on the last line, but if trying to go beyond that point the cursor will move to the first column.

    Anyway, this is a Scintilla issue (the editor component used by Geany), could you please report the issue to the Scintilla tracker? https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=browse&group_id=2439&atid=102439

  • Colomban Wendling

    • milestone: 3508874 -->
    • priority: 5 --> 3

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