#683 Extreme delays on sshfs mounted share

Plugins (35)

geany 0.20 (built on Jan 16 2011 with GTK 2.22.0, GLib 2.26.0, GIO) on Ubuntu 10.10, disk check timeout has been set to 0

When Filebrowser plugin is enabled, it may take several (5+) minutes to open a small (32k) file on an sshfs mount over local network. The same file copied to the local filesystem opens instantly. If you close geany with that file open, and reopen geany there is the same delay. Opening without Filebrowser enabled is instant. Running geany from commandline and watching output during the time the delay occured revealed several warnings about 'null tag' in various files that have never been opened, but were in the same share. It seemed to be scanning the entire mounted fs (which is fairly large) for some reason:

geany: Warning: ignoring null tag in /home/dballanc/remote/desktop/base/v3.5.1/development/feeds.old/base2/config.py
geany: Warning: ignoring null tag in /home/dballanc/remote/desktop/base/v2.7.8/uidxclient/feeds/base2/config.py

The -only- file I attempted to open was in /home/dballanc/remote/desktop/base/v3.5.4/uidxclient/ulib/djapps/multisite/models.py The above files have never been opened in geany.

I switched to the TreeBrowser plugin, and had some initial luck with it opening file reasonably fast that had already been open, but experienced the same lag on other files. In ubuntu the window grays and stays that way until the file loads or a force close is performed. After closing geany with an open file the 5+ minute wait and above warnings still occur. Closing with no files open yields an instant startup time with no warnings.


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