#647 Go to tag definition doesn't work w/ c++ function argument

General (289)

Geany version 0.2

The "go to tag definition" feature in the right click menu doesn't work when the variable is defined in the definition of a function in C++. For example,

void foo(int variable)
variable = 0;

Calling "go to tag definition" on the second occurrence of the word variable says "Definition of 'variable' not found".


  • Nick Treleaven

    Nick Treleaven - 2011-02-23
    • priority: 5 --> 2
  • Nick Treleaven

    Nick Treleaven - 2011-02-23

    Yes, local tag parsing is not supported.

  • Lex Trotman

    Lex Trotman - 2012-09-11

    Only top level variable definitions are tracked by the tagmanager. This is a known limitation. It is a feature request to track them.

  • Lex Trotman

    Lex Trotman - 2012-09-11
    • status: open --> closed-rejected
  • Anonymous - 2012-09-12

    I was under the impression that Tag Manager attempts to do this but it just doesn't work? Either way, that the parser doesn't parse local variables is a bug (at least as far as parsers are concerned :). AFAIK Ctags can parse local variables.


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