#629 Symlinks are deleted

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When a symlinked file is opened from the linked location Geany 0.2 deletes the symlink and saves the file in the directory. Geany 0.18 didn't have that problem.


  • dmaphy

    dmaphy - 2011-01-28

    Can not reproduce the issue here, unfortunately. Created a file test and a link test2 pointing to test. Opened test2 with Geany, edited and saved, test2 is still there as link and test contains the content I entered. Running Geany from SVN revision 5530.

  • RichTWebGuy

    RichTWebGuy - 2011-05-02

    The reason you couldn't repro is (I think) that it isn't a symlink that's the problem, it's a hard link (made with mklink). If Geany deletes the original file and renames a temp file to the original name, that would probably cause the problem. This is my problem with Geany 0.20.

  • Colomban Wendling

    Do you have the use_safe_file_saving hidden pref enabled?

  • Lex Trotman

    Lex Trotman - 2012-09-11

    Geany file saving default changed (for safety) produces the behavior described but with hardlinks not symlinks, described problem could not be reproduced.

  • Lex Trotman

    Lex Trotman - 2012-09-11
    • status: open --> pending-rejected
  • Colomban Wendling

    • status: pending-rejected --> closed-rejected
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