#463 tags generation issues

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If I try to generate tags from C headers in geany 0.18.1 like this:

CFLAGS=`pkg-config --cflags gtksourceview-2.0` geany -g gtksourceview.c.tags /usr/include/gtksourceview-2.0/gtksourceview/gtksourceview.h

It does not generate anything for the types.

But If I do it like this it does just fine:

gcc `pkg-config --cflags gtksourceview-2.0` -E /usr/include/gtksourceview-2.0/gtksourceview/gtksourceview.h > out.h
geany -g -P gtksourceview.c.tags out.h

Not sure what is causing this behavior but this is the workaround I found. This does not appear to be the desired behavior. Please fix it. Thanks.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Forgot to mention: geany version 0.18.1 using the binary in Frugalware Linux (current branch)

  • Colomban Wendling

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  • Colomban Wendling

    Seems to work for me as of today.

    However, one possible workaround when tags are missing is the use of ignore.tags (see the docs). The issue being that with C preprocessor an identifier might appear somewhere unexpected while actually just expanding to something harmless -- or even nothing. An example is GLib's G_GNUC_* macros that expand to __attribute__(...) or nothing, and that, if not ignored through ignore.tags, prevent the parser from understanding the preceding declaration.
    This would also explain why pre-processing the source first would help, as this trips any preprocessor directive.


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