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I have an FTP account mounted as a folder in my Ubuntu, when I try to edit any file from that folder in geany it bug the file saving it twice in the same file, for example I have:

echo 'Hello word';

and when I save it, the output is

echo 'Hello word';
echo 'Hello word';

I can found this bug in some servers not in all, don't know why, I tried with Gedit and this works Ok..

Thanks for the time.


  • Enrico Tröger

    Enrico Tröger - 2010-03-16

    That sounds like a GVfs bug.
    Could you test this on the command line with the command 'cp' or with another editor like Scite or Leadpad?

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    Anonymous - 2011-06-23

    Bug still appears. Have the same mount in Nautilus in Ubuntu. When I click "save" in Geany - instead of rewriting file on FTP Geany adds new content to old file content. On every save it does one more copy of all old content. If use another editor like Gedit, file's content saves normally, with rewriting.

  • Colomban Wendling

    What is your Geany version, and is it compiled with GIO? The first two lines of Help -> debugging messages are relevant.

    Actually, you should be able to make Geany behave quite like GEdit for file saving on recent Geany versions (0.20 IIRC). If you have Geany 0.20, it should behave quite like GEdit if built with GIO support and if the hidden option use_safe_file_saving is off (see the manual).

    If you use Geany SVN r5860 or later (development version), you can choose whether to use GIO or not with the use_gio_unsafe_file_saving option.

    To reproduce GEdit's behavior, safe_file_saving=false and use_gio_unsafe_file_saving=true should be enough, and this is the default since Geany 0.20 if built with GIO support (the use_gio_unsafe_file_saving option is only useful to disable it).

  • Lex Trotman

    Lex Trotman - 2012-09-14

    Looks like the GVFS bug (see many other bug reports), does it still occur or have changes since this was submitted fixed it?

    Will close in a couple of weeks if no response that it is still a problem with more information to help debug it.


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